WayFind Assessments

WayFind Teacher Assessment Proctor Script

This script should be read aloud in a group setting to all educators or provided via email to home testers completing the WayFind Teacher Assessment

Today you are going to take an assessment. The reason for this assessment is to let you show what you know about computers and technology.

Read and follow the directions in the questions to answer them. If you experience a problem with the computer during the assessment, please contact your test administrator.

Please note when taking the test, you will NOT be able to use keyboard shortcuts or right-click actions with your mouse. You may use left-click actions only.

This assessment is not timed.

Step 1

To get started, log into login.learning.com and type in your username, password, and district name.

  • If you are logging in with your teacher login, you will see an apple button in the left navigation menu, click it and go to step 2 below
  • If you have been set up with another login please use that to log in

Step 2

Click the name of the class to access the assessment icons.

Step 3

Click on Part 1. Click the “Start” button to launch the instructions. You will need to read the instructions carefully. DO NOT fast forward through the instructions. When the instructions have finished another “Start” button will appear at the bottom middle of the screen. Click the “Start” button to begin the assessment.

Step 4

be sure to press the “Turn in Test” button only when you have answered all of the questions so that all of your answers are recorded. If you would like to leave the test and come back to it later, click the “X” button in the lower right navigation corner of the Assessment just below the “Turn in Test” button. This will allow you to log in at a later time.