WayFind Assessments

WayFind Teacher Assessment Proctor Recommendations

Recommended scenarios are in green. Never recommended scenarios are in orange.

It is recommended that there be one District Coordinator who executes the district upload, creates proctor accounts, checks district progress using the progress reports, and certifies completion of testing events for the district.

It is recommended that School Coordinators be designated at one or more individual school buildings and create classes, enroll educators, and schedule assessment events. There can be several School Coordinators in a district. They can also proctor events and impersonate proctors at their school sites.

It is recommended the District Coordinator set up classes and assessment events for proctors by impersonating each proctor. Viewing existing classes and events is identity-dependent. Proctors can only see classes and administer assessment events that have been set up under their name.

Do not create classes and schedule events in advance of knowing who your Proctors will be. Assessment events need to be set up in the account of the person proctoring the assessment and cannot be transferred between accounts.

It is recommended that educators be divided into logical class groupings of no more than 35-40 educators per class. If the district has less than 40 teachers, you may enroll all teachers into one single class. If classes have more than 35- 40 people, proctoring challenges will emerge such as ability to monitor progress, run reports, and provide a controlled environment for testing.

It is recommended that proctors have individual accounts with unique usernames.

Do not set up more than one proctor with the same username and password. This can cause data loss if more than one person logs in at the same time.

It is recommended that districts use the following steps if they wish to anonymously assess educators:

  1. Create anonymous teacher accounts, for example, Teacher 1, Teacher 2, Teacher 3, etc
  2. Print the Log in cards for the class where the teachers will be assessed
  3. Fold the login cards and place them in a basket, mix them up
  4. As teachers enter the room, have each one take a login card and not say which user they are. If teachers will not agree to be assessed in a small group such as a class of 20 teachers, have them pick up a login card from the basket in the office or cafeteria, and then have one very large class for the entire school
  5. Place all the individual reports in a single zip file, locate it in a folder the teachers can access on the network. If the file is not too large, email to all teachers that participated. Teachers will be able to retrieve the zip file and find the report that matched their login card. This report will show them which of the 20 NETS-T performance indicators they need to work on.

It is recommended that assessment events are only assigned to each educator once.

Do not set up duplicate events (same class, same students, same or overlapping assessment window). If an assessment is assigned in multiple classes, educators could choose the wrong event and score reports, progress, and data will also be incorrect.

It is recommended that proctors disperse the login information for educators before the testing period to ensure all educators are enrolled in the correct assessment class and to ease the login process.

Do not proctor events without login information (Class Rosters or Login Cards) printed for, or emailed to, educators.