WayFind Assessments

WayFind Teacher Assessment FAQs

What does this assessment evaluate?

This assessment has been developed to evaluate teacher proficiency in 21st Century skills as determined by the ISTE NETS-T standards. WayFind addresses the following standards categories:

  • Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
  • Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments
  • Model Digital-Age Work and Learning
  • Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility
  • Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

Can educators take the assessment anonymously?

Yes. Teacher codes can be uploaded for each educator as their names, usernames and passwords.

How long does it take educators to complete the assessment?

This two-part assessment can usually be completed by educators in 60 minutes. The assessment is not timed.

What will educators see if they log in with their TEACHER accounts?

Only applies if the assessment is assigned by school/campus AND teacher login

When educators log in to their teacher accounts, they will see “My Assignments” with the apple icon in the navigation bar to the left of the Home page. Clicking “My Assignments” will lead to the student view as described by the question below.

What will educators see if they log in with STUDENT accounts?

Only applies if they are assigned the assessment through a Teacher School

Educators will see the name of the class they are enrolled in. Educators should click the class name and then click the part icon (Part 1 or Part 2) to launch the assessment. After launching the assessment event, they will be let through an interactive set of instructions. Educators using student accounts may use the Learning.com App on a compatible tablet device. For more information, download the Tablet App FAQ ».

How long will it take to receive reports?

Reports will be available to request within 24-72 hours of the assessment’s completion. Requests from the Coordinator page take an additional 24–72 hours to process.

What is considered a passing score?

Scoring 300 or above is considered a passing score on the WayFind Assessment.

Advanced = scores above 400
Proficient = scores 300 – 399
Basic = scores 200 – 299
Below Basic = scores not reaching 200

Does this assessment require Flash Player?

Yes, with the exception of the in-app version. Computers that already have Adobe Flash installed may not have it enabled to run on all sites, causing an error message to appear. This can be solved by setting Flash to ‘allow’ for Learning.com. Please see instructions for how to do this in various browsers.

What is the Survey?

The survey is an optional tool to measure teachers’ utilization of digital tools in the classroom. The survey has 10 questions. Example questions include “How often do students in your classes use the Internet for research?” and “How often do you communicate with parents or students using e-mail during the school year?” Note: Surveys are supported on tablet devices.

What is the Project?

The project is an optional portfolio assessment that provides teachers with the opportunity to demonstrate and practice their 21st century skills, as defined by each of the ISTE NETS-T standards. Note: Projects are not supported on tablet devices.