Using Curriculum Publisher

Curriculum Publisher is a tool that districts can use for customizing units to deliver the same curriculum across all schools in the district.

Educators who have been given the Author role by a Coordinator can curate, construct, and publish instructional sequences and units tailored to their district’s curriculum maps and goals. Once the Author role is active the Custom Curriculum option will be visible.

Using Curriculum Publisher - 1Step 1: Create Curriculum-Level Folder

  • Click “Custom Curriculum” on the left hand navigation panel
  • Click “Create Curriculum”
  • In the “Curriculum Name” field, enter a name for the folder
  • Provide a description for the course of study in the “Curriculum Description”
  • OPTION: Change the folder icon by uploading a graphic from your hard drive
  • Attach teacher instructions and resources in the Resources section
  • Check “Allow others to modify this Curriculum” to allow other Authors to modify
  • Select the school(s) at which this curriculum will be available
  • Click “Create”


Using Curriculum Publisher - 2Step 2: Create Unit-Level Folder

  • Click “Create a Unit”
  • In the “Unit Name” field, enter a name for the second level folder
  • Select a grade range for the Unit
  • Write a brief description of the unit in the “Unit Description” box
  • OPTION: Change the unit icon by uploading a graphic from your hard drive
  • Attach any teacher resources in the “Resources” box
  • Click “Create”


Using Curriculum Publisher - 3Step 3: Assign Curriculum

  • Click on your new unit that appears on the left navigation panel
  • Click “Assign Curriculum”
  • Search for the desired curriculum for your unit, either from curriculum solutions, other teachers, or web links that you’ve created
  • Click “Assign” and the curriculum items will be placed in the Unit
  • Create additional new units as needed
  • OPTION: You can also create and add custom web links to your unit (see the “Creating Web Links” guide)



Using Curriculum Publisher - 5Step 4: Edit Curriculum

  • Click “Custom Curriculum” on the left-hand navigation panel. Click on the title of the curriculum in blue
  • Click “Edit Custom Curriculum” to edit the curriculum-level details like description, schools where curriculum is available, and to add resources and attachments
  • After clicking the curriculum-level folder, the lists of units will appear. Click on the unit you wish to edit
  • Click “Edit” to change unit-level details, personalize icon, or add resources and attachments and or click on the “Assign Curriculum” button and search for the curriculum to include. Click “Edit” to reorder and or delete items