My Resources Guide

Teachers who want to save curriculum from year-to-year or quickly add the same curriculum to multiple classes within their account should use the ‘My Resources’ feature. ‘My Resources’ is also the starting point for teachers who wish to create their own curriculum items.



‘My Resources’ can be found just under the ‘My Classes’ button when teachers first log in. Selecting ‘My Resources’ gives teachers three options: ‘Items,’ ‘Units,’ and ‘Favorites.’

Note that these three options are also available by selecting the Library tab at the top and then scrolling to the bottom of the Library tiles.


Items allows teachers to create and save their own curriculum items such as Guided Practices for keyboarding. See our Tools Overview for more information about making your own curriculum items to fit your needs.

Units allows teachers to build and save a unit that can easily be assigned to classes. More information about how to do this can be found below.

Favorites shows teachers any curriculum items that they have marked as a favorite. To mark an item as a favorite, select the red heart to the right of the item name in the Library. 

Be aware that items, units, and favorites are only visible in the account where they were created. They cannot be shared or used by other educators unless you have access to the Curriculum Publisher Tool.

Creating Units

To get started, select ‘Units’ from the ‘My Resources’ menu and then select ‘Create Unit.’ You will need to first give your unit a name and description. The ‘Resources’ field on this page is an optional space for you to include notes and links that will be useful to you. Students won’t see any of the information on this page; they will only see the curriculum items that you add in the next step.

After you select ‘Create’ at the bottom of the page, you will have the option to assign curriculum to your unit. Selecting ‘Assign Curriculum’ takes you to the Library where you can select curriculum in the same way that you would assign it to a class.

Once you have added all the curriculum items you want to a unit, you can assign that unit to your classes!  Open a class from your class list, press ‘Assign Curriculum,’ choose the ‘Units’ tab from the Library tiles, and select the name of your unit to assign that entire unit all at once.

If you have Curriculum Publisher and are a district Author, you can assign your pre-made units into custom curriculum that can be shared out to your entire district!


Additional Information

  • While classes may change with each school year (or be updated by your school or district), the units you make and save under ‘My Resources’ are yours and yours alone and will be there for as long as you have an active account or choose to delete them
  • Units saved in ‘My Resources’ can only be deleted by selecting ‘Units’ from the ‘My Resources’ column, selecting ‘Edit,’ and selecting the ‘X’ next to the unit that you want to delete
  • Remember that units in ‘My Resources’ cannot be shared with other teachers in your district. In order to share curriculum, you will need to have access to the Curriculum Publisher Tool.