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SIS Integration for Current Teachers

Your district is now syncing with your district’s student information system (SIS). Classes will be pre-populated with up-to-date enrollments coming directly from the SIS to Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about how looks and functions with SIS integration.

SIS Integration for Current TeachersHow does SIS Integration look on the platform?

Classes and students will automatically appear, green synch arrows indicate that data is synchronized, and fields populated from the SIS cannot be edited.

What does it mean that fields are not editable?

All data from the SIS and any related fields cannot be edited and are “locked.” This is to prevent data conflicts between the SIS and the platform.

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Can passwords still be changed in

Yes. Student and teacher passwords can still be edited. Passwords edited on the platform are active until edited by the SIS.

Can new students see items added before they joined the class?

Yes. Students enrolled in a class — automatically or manually — will see all the assignments.

Can teachers still create classes in outside of the SIS?

Yes. Teachers can create classes, but they will not be synced with the SIS data, meaning class enrollments will not be automatically updated by the SIS.

When I login, I see a gray welcome screen. What do the options mean? matches and merges new SIS accounts with accounts that already exist in (based on email and teacher_id). Sometimes teacher accounts cannot be merged automatically (e.g., if one email is tied to multiple usernames). In this case, creates a new account and the first time the teacher logs in, the welcome screen gives teachers the option to merge accounts, delay the merge (with option to choose a different account), or continue with the newly-created account. To merge the accounts, enter the credentials for the paired account.

Options for First Post-Sync Educator Log In

If the credentials are for the new District SIS Account

  • Yes, sync my accounts now (and enter existing credentials)
  • I don’t have an account to sync

If the credentials are for the existing Account

  • Sync with my District SIS account now (and enter SIS credentials)
  • Continue with this account (and sync later) • I don’t have a District SIS account

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