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Learning.com Tablet App Set Up Guide

The Learning.com App helps students get the most out of learning on tablet devices. A student can view classes, assignments, grades, and launch curriculum items from EasyTech and Inquiry, and Learning.com technology assessments. Teachers have even greater flexibility when using tablets to teach 21st Century Skills.

Step 1: Install & Launch the App

  • Step 1: Install & Launch the AppOpen the App Store or Google Play on the tablet
  • In App Store, search for “easytech” and in Google Play store, search for “Learning.com”
  • Tap the “install” button
  • To launch the app, tap the icon
  • View the brief welcome and then tap “Enter the Classroom”



Step 2: Log In to View ClassesStep 2: Log In to View Classes

  • Log in with a current, active student account (username, password, and district)
  • See all the classes the student is currently enrolled in
  • Tap on a class to view the Assignments List
  • Tap the home icon in the upper left corner to return to list of classes



Step 3: Launch Assignments and AssessmentsStep 3: Launch Assignments and Assessments

  • Tap on any compatible lesson or assessment in the Assignments List to launch
  • Tap Start to begin
  • On curriculum items, tap the grade indicator icon (orange triangle with paper and check mark) to see scores


Implementation Notes

There are multiple viewing options for the Assignment List:

  • To view as a list or as a menu of large icons, tap the preferred style in the upper right of the Assignment List
  • To filter list to show All, Completed, or Incomplete items, click the drop-down menu that says “Show: All” on the right

Note: Classes default to show all items
To see only curriculum items that will launch on the tablet, and hide all other class assignments, tap the “Tablet Compatible” check box