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How to Grade Discussions

Designed to introduce units of study, Discussions provide teachers with a meaningful tool to introduce key concepts and appropriate use during a teacher-led class conversation. Discussions are assigned to a class like other curriculum items and are graded by the teacher. However, Discussions are not visible in students’ assignment list; they are for teachers’ reference only.

Teachers can assign a grade in the gradebook indicating that students completed the Discussion or assign the additional Discussion Reflection which will show a grade when completed – or they can do both.

***Note: Because students do not launch the Discussions, they are not reflected in all reports available to teachers and coordinators. For schools and districts that track usage through content launches in the District and/or School Usage Reports, we recommend using Discussion Reflections, as these will be reflected in the Usage Reports.

Grading Discussions

To grade students individually:

Step 1: Click “My Classes” and select the class you’d like to view.

My Classes to Class - How to Grade Discussions

Step 2: Find the Discussion you’d like to grade in your class gradebook.

Gradebook view - How to Grade Discussions

*Discussions are labeled with the blue ‘D’ icon.

Step 3: Click the cell that corresponds with the Discussion you’re grading and the student to whom you’re giving a grade.

Gradebook Dropdown Menu - How to Grade Discussions

Step 4: Click the drop-down arrow in this cell and select either ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ in the drop-down menu; click the disk icon to save.

Student Pass Fail - How to Grade Discussions

* Please note that whether a student passes or fails a Discussion is at the discretion of the teacher and can be based on attendance, level of participation, or any other criteria the teacher deems appropriate.

Step 5: Press the “Ok” button to confirm the grade gets logged in the gradebook.

Manual Score Message - How to Grade Discussions

‘Passed’ scores will show in the gradebook as a green check mark.

‘Failed’ scores will show in the gradebook as a red circle.

To grade an entire class at once:

Follow the steps above, but in Step 3 select the ‘Class Average’ cell for the Discussion you’re going to grade. Whichever score you choose will be applied to each student in your gradebook.

Class Average Pass Fail - How to Grade Discussions


Grades Applied in Bulk - How to Grade Discussions

Grading Discussion Reflections

Discussion Reflections are surveys about the Discussion students completed in class. Once finished, teachers will see a ‘Turned In!’ notification in their gradebook.

Selecting this notice takes the teacher to a dashboard allowing them to see how students responded to the Discussion Reflection and assign them a participation grade.

This follows the same process as an Application Exercise. See our Application Exercise page to learn more about how that type of curriculum item is graded.