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How to Grade Discussions

Designed to introduce units of study, Discussions provide teachers with a meaningful tool to introduce key concepts and appropriate use during a teacher-led class conversation. Discussions are assigned to a class like other curriculum items and are graded by the teacher. However, Discussions are not visible in students’ assignment list; they are for teachers’ reference only.

To grade students individually:

Step 1: Click “My Classes” and select the class you’d like to view.

My Classes to Class - How to Grade Discussions

Step 2: Find the Discussion you’d like to grade in your class gradebook.

Gradebook view - How to Grade Discussions

*Discussions are labelled with the icon.

Step 3: Click the cell that corresponds with the Discussion you’re grading and the student to whom you’re giving a grade.

Gradebook Dropdown Menu - How to Grade Discussions

Step 4: Click the dropdown arrow in this cell and select either ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ in the drop-down menu; click the disk icon to save.

Student Pass Fail - How to Grade Discussions

* Please note that whether a student passes or fails a discussion is at the discretion of the teacher and can be based on attendance, level of participation, or any other criteria the teacher deems appropriate.

Step 5: Press the “Ok” button to confirm the grade gets logged in the grade book.

Manual Score Message - How to Grade Discussions

​‘Passed’ scores will show in the grade book as a green check mark.

‘Failed’ scores will show in the grade book as a red circle.

To grade an entire class at once:

Follow the steps above, but in Step 3 select the ‘Class Average’ cell for the Discussion you’re going to grade. Whichever score you choose will be applied each student in your gradebook.

Class Average Pass Fail - How to Grade Discussions


Grades Applied in Bulk - How to Grade Discussions