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You have access to EasyTech, but do you know everything that your license contains?

EasyTech covers 12 essential digital literacy skills that give your K-8 students a strong technological foundation to help them succeed in their future endeavors.

EasyTech has curriculum that auto-scores (meaning less grading time for you, more time to spend with students!) as well as extension assignments that help your students take the concepts they learn in theory and apply them through their work. The extension work does require a manual grade, but those assignments are effective at ensuring information is being retained and practiced.


Navigating Your EasyTech Library

Your library is organized by different EasyTech tiles that help you easily find the curriculum items you’d like to preview and assign:

EasyTech All K-8 Content

This tile is contains the entire EasyTech offering, organized by the 12 essential digital literacy skills.

These digital literacy skills include:

Computer Fundamentals, Coding, Keyboarding, Online Safety & Digital Citizenship, Computational Thinking, Multimedia, Internet Usage & Online Communication, Visual Mapping, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, and Presentations.


EasyTech K-8 by Grade

This tile contains the entire EasyTech offering, organized into recommended grade-level sequences.

Remember that:

These grade bands are recommendations only; please assign curriculum based on the skill level and needs of your students

You can assign any EasyTech assignment to any student, regardless of what grade the student is in


EasyTech Plug & Play

EasyTech Plug & Play contains only autoscoring curriculum and is organized into recommended grade-level sequences.

This is a great option for:

First-time EasyTech users

Teachers who have their own extension projects planned but need help teaching the basics

Educators with limited time for grading

Plug & Play includes:


EasyTech & EasyCode Computational Thinking and Coding Basics

This tile includes EasyTech computational thinking assignments as well as samples of both EasyCode Foundations (CodeMonkey) and EasyCode Pillars (Codesters) challenges. The curriculum in this unit helps students develop computational thinking skills in preparation for learning to write code and solve other problems.



EasyTech Preparation for Online Assessments

If you’re getting your students ready for online assessments, this tile will prepare students with the need-to-know skills to do well on most online assessments. Each grade-band starts with a pre-test that, depending on how students score, assigns autoscoring lessons that target knowledge gaps. You also have the option to assign targeted lessons, regardless of how students do on the pre-test.

There are three EasyTech Preparation for Online Assessments tiles available– for primary, intermediate, and middle school grades.


EasyTech Keyboarding and Word Processing

Keyboarding is a foundational skill for just about everything your students do on the computer. This tile features EasyTech keyboarding and word processing curriculum to help you focus on developing these skills with your students.

We recommend that you assign lessons to teach students the basics, guided practices to get students typing, and Adaptive Keyboarding (for grades 3-8) at the end for on-going practice.


EasyTech Online Safety & Communication

It’s crucial that every one of your students knows how to be safe online. This tile features online safety and communication curriculum so you can focus on the basics of using the internet safely and responsibly.




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