Teacher Guides

Assigning Curriculum in Spanish

Finding Spanish Language Content

If curriculum items are available in Spanish or with Spanish audio support, they can be located by changing the language from English to Spanish in the toolbar while searching for content on the platform. This is the same for all Learning.com products and all methods of searching (i.e. going into the Library or using ‘Find By Standard’).

Example of the Language Dropdown Menu:

To Find in the Library

  • Click the ‘Library’ button at the top of your screen
  • Select a product tile
  • Click into a specific sequence or unit
  • Change the language

To Find by Standard

  • Click ‘Find By Standard’ in the Library or within a product tile
  • Select a standard set
  • When results appear, change the language

Educators can also find the items they need to assign by using our English to Spanish Cross-Reference Guide.

Groups and Individual Assignments

Teachers with mixed classes of students, some who would benefit from Spanish and others who need English instructions, have the option to create groups and assign content individually.

See our ‘Creating Groups‘ page for more information about how to set up groups within your class.

Assigning Lessons to an individual student can be done by simply selecting that student’s name from the gradebook and then selecting ‘Assign Curriculum.’

What Students See

Students who have been assigned curriculum as part of a group need to select the name of the group from the option in their ‘Assignments’ tab to view and complete those activities. In the picture below, the student is in a group called ‘Lecciones en español.’

Students who have been assigned curriculum individually need to select ‘Student’ on their ‘Assignments’ tab to view and complete those activities.