Teacher Guides

Assigning and Managing Curriculum

To assign curriculum, first select a class. Click ‘Assign Curriculum’ or the Library button. To find curriculum, click on a product icon. Select a sequence to narrow search. Select a unit and assign individual items or the entire unit.

Select a

Click ‘Assign Curriculum’

Find and click ‘Assign’

Un-assigning/Removing and Rearranging Curriculum


First select a class. Click ‘Edit’ at the top of the list of assignments. You’ll have three options:




  • The image of three dots lets you drag the curriculum item up and down in the order of assignments.
  • The arrows let you move a curriculum item one up or one down in the order of assignments.
  • The X lets you delete the assignment from the list.

Be sure to click ‘Done’ when you are finished to save your changes.



Finding and Assigning Curriculum

Select the Library button at the top of the page. Then select a product (such as EasyTech or Inquiry) to start finding curriculum.

Narrow the results by grade, language, or standard – or search by keyword.

Find your way back to the Library by using the breadcrumbs near the top of the page (marked with a gold star).

Assign curriculum to the current class or select the blue, down-arrow to assign to multiple classes.

Find By Standard

Still not quite sure which items are right for you? Within the Library, select the ‘Find by Standard’ button to begin narrowing down the curriculum.

On the Find by Standard page, in the left column you can select a type of item to see only those assignments, or a subject to see only items that have been aligned with that subject area. You can even dig within the subject to see of there are any items aligned to a specific topic within that subject.

In the right column you can select a set of national or state standards. Once selected, you can then start narrowing down to a specific standard. Each choice you make takes you to more specific options. Once you’ve found the standard that you want to teach, select ‘Search’ to see all curriculum items aligned with that standard. The total number of results will appear on the lower right. These can be filtered by assignment type, grade, and language – and assigned directly to your classes.

Tip: if you aren’t getting any results, try widening your search. Not every clause and substandard may be linked to curriculum with this tool, but you can select ‘Search’ at any time in the process. You may find that by just selecting the overarching standard, you find some great choices aligned to it.