Troubleshooting Tips

Here you can find tips for troubleshooting technical issues and learn more about the minimum system requirements to run the platform. For questions about how to log in, find your login information, and other login issues, please visit our password reset page.

Note: Always refresh the browser page where you see errors. To refresh your PC press F5, for Mac press Command + R.

Troubleshooting Potential Problems

You may be able to fix issues such as blank screens, stuttering audio, loading issues, missing screen elements, system slowness, and any similar ‘tech’ seeming issues on your own. To troubleshoot issues follow the steps below:

Clear out old data

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: Many of the potential problems listed above can be caused by outdated or corrupt temporary files in your browser, called cache and cookie files. There are two ways to clear out these files:

Option A: Keyboard shortcut for Internet Explorer

  1. Press F12
  2. Go to Cache dropdown
  3. Select Clear Browser cache
  4. Restart your computer

Option B: Through Options, Tools, or Control Panel Menu

Check for Extensions and Add-ons

Browser extensions are plug-ins that change the functionality of a webpage. Because extensions don’t take up space on a computer, they can often be added even when a computer is set to not allow downloads. As a troubleshooting step, try disabling any extensions that you don’t recognize or that didn’t come with the browser originally, open a new window, and access our lessons again.

Manage Extensions within

Check your browser version

Make sure your browser is up-to-date by visiting If your browser is outdated, please check our Minimum System Requirements page to see if the version meets our system requirements and consider updating to the latest version.

Enable Flash

Computers that already have Adobe Flash installed may not have it enabled to run on all sites, causing an error message to appear. This can be solved by setting Flash to ‘allow’ for Please see instructions for how to do this in various browsers.

Reinstall Adobe Flash Player: Many of the potential problems listed above can be caused by flash player issues on the computer(s) being used. Please uninstall and reinstall flash.

Check the clock

Some error messages can be tied to the device’s clock being inaccurate. This can affect how our servers pass information. Verifying that your computer’s clock is accurate against international time can resolve some content issues.

Bandwidth Considerations

Many of the potential problems listed above can be caused by low or congested bandwidth, especially when students access or load the lessons. Bandwidth usage is highest when students login and when lessons are loading. Staggering these activities (i.e., only 5-10 students at a time) may clear up lagging issues.

It is possible that your bandwidth strength is preventing the servers from communicating with your computer labs properly. Speak to the IT professionals at your school for further assistance in determining this.

Pop-up Blockers

Ensure that there is nothing blocking pop-up windows from Follow the instructions from the websites listed below.

Note: If you have third party software that has a pop-up blocker, this will need to be disabled as well.

School or District Firewall and Filter Settings

Ensure all the domains listed below are unblocked by your filtering and firewall software and added to the white list before accessing the website. Please note that does not use a list of static IP ranges.

The website uses domains instead:

  • *

Note: Port 443 must be unblocked for (or for all traffic) within your school’s firewall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about using the platform. If you have additional questions or need support, please contact us at