Recorded Webinar Trainings

Learn more about our platform and how to get set up for success with the below webinars. These recorded trainings from are updated regularly.

Preview the changes for 2019-2020

Recorded April 2019

In this recorded webinar, Director of Education Jeff Meyer previews six new features that will be coming in time for the start of school next fall. These include a simplified teacher interface, new resources and help features within the current teacher interface, new essential skills tests, a new computer science course, and a new digital skills certification course.

Adaptive Keyboarding Webinar

Recorded August 2017

In this recorded webinar, Diane Kahanek, Education Specialist, introduces you to EasyTech Keyboarding with a focus on Adaptive Keyboarding. You will learn the goal of keyboarding instruction, the components of EasyTech’s keyboarding program, and how to use Keyboarding with Adaptive Keyboarding.

Getting Started with EasyTech and Computational Thinking

Recorded February 2017

In this recorded webinar, Tangila Jordan, Education Specialist, introduces you to EasyTech. You will learn to locate and identify EasyTech content suitable for your students’ needs, include our latest Computational Thinking lessons. Deliver EasyTech content to students by setting up online classes, enrolling students and assigning curricula, and learn how to access helpful resources to ensure success with EasyTech.

Proctoring the 21st Century Skills and Tech Literacy Assessments

Recorded February 2017

This recorded webinar helps educators implement student assessments, 21st Century Skills Assessment and TechLiteracy Assessment. Maria San Miguel, Education Specialist, provides an overview of assessments, how to set up and deliver the assessments, retrieve reports and related resources.

Introduction to My Resources

Recorded February 2017

In this webinar recording, Beverly Scott, Education Specialist, introduces you to My Resources. Learn how to utilize the My Resources features within the platform to organize solutions along with your own curriculum.

Getting Started for Coordinators

Recorded February 2017

In this recorded webinar, learn how to utilize the coordinator tools and features of This session goes over setting up and maintaining your student and teacher rosters, monitoring capabilities, and how to pull various reports available only to coordinators.

Getting Started With Inquiry

Recorded February 2017

In this webinar recording, learn how to utilize Inquiry, by, to provide your students with exciting new project-based learning experiences in your classroom.


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