September 2017 – Release 130

New Features

Digital Literacy Assessment

  • School and District Coordinators are now able to launch the DLA Dashboard from their coordinator interface
  • Educators now have the ability to create their own Keyboarding Guided Practices
  • The Adaptive Keyboarding report is now live in the class reports list

Feature Enhancements

  • Five lessons were converted to HTML5 (instead of Flash Player):
    • Attributes and Linking
    • Pie Charts
    • Web Searches
    • Podcasts
    • Parts of a Spreadsheet
  • Outdated educator standards were removed from the system
  • When 18 levels are completed in Adaptive Keyboarding, students get to “power up” their badges with stars and lessons.

Platform enhancements:

  • The User Import Tool can now upload passwords that contain non-alphanumeric characters to ensure a district can preserve their password privacy
  • The login page has been improved by grouping ‘Username,’ ‘Password,’ and ‘District’ fields together to more easily tab between fields

Bug Fixes

  • Non age-appropriate language has been removed from Adaptive Keyboarding challenges
  • Impersonating in to a user account from Internet Explorer no longer brings the coordinator back to the initial log in page.
  • ‘Creating Documents’ lesson is now able to move past slide 27 in all browsers
  • Stringent grading in keyboarding lessons has been resolved
  • ‘Parts of a Spreadsheet’ lesson is now able to progress past slide 23
  • Students are now able to view certificates at the end of the lesson (when applicable) in all browsers
  • Slide 17 in the ‘Windows and Controls’ lesson can now be completed in all browsers
  • Slide 5 in the ‘Attributes and Linking’ lesson no longer freezes on slide 5
  • Slide 9 in the ‘Community Site’ lesson is now able to be completed in all browsers
  • ‘Personal Learning Networks’ lesson now loads
  • ‘Formatting Text’ lesson now allows user to click ‘Copy’ action button on slide 30
  • ‘Composing Slides’ lesson is now able to move past slide 4 in all browsers
  • ‘Databases: Data Classification’ lesson is now able to move past slide 1
  • ‘Desktop’ lesson no longer freezes on slide 15
  • Slide 13 in the ‘Select, Drag, and Doubleclick’ lesson now responds to ‘drag’ command
  • ‘Creating Documents’ lesson is once again scoring accurately
  • The English language version of the ‘Creating and Organizing Content’ lesson now has English audio
  • ‘Keyboarding’ lesson is now able to move past slide 35
  • All textboxes in the ‘Networks’ Application Exercise are now editable
  • Bookmarking feature is now working as intended
  • ‘Formatting Text’ lesson reports proper score upon completion
  • After a student completes a lesson, the score is automatically visible in the student’s account upon completion; refreshing the screen is no longer necessary.
  • ‘Scanner’ lesson now allows users three attempts to answer a question
  • ‘Network Basics’ lesson now grading accurately.