October 2017 – Release 131

Digital Literacy Assessment

  • An answer key is now available for DLA practice tests
  • The DLA Coordinator Dashboard is now live:
    • When coordinators access the dashboard they will have access to two tabs: Reports and Dashboard
    • The Dashboard will display a series of information including:
      • District Assessment Progress Data
      • Overall Proficiency by District
      • Overall Proficiency by ISTE Standard
      • Overall Proficiency by School
    • The Reports tab will allow coordinators to export a CSV file of DLA raw data for the entire district. If assessment district data isn’t yet available, coordinators will get a message indicating that ‘No data is currently available.’
  • If a student skipped some questions on the assessment, the student can click ‘Review’ once they are done to see any questions that still need to be answered before submitting the exam

Feature Enhancements

Adaptive Keyboarding

  • Teachers can set the grade of the student or class instead of just a range in Adaptive Keyboarding class settings
  • Language included in the typing challenges will be chosen based on grade level to ensure age-appropriate vocabulary.
  • The “Best Finger” display in the lesson summary has been removed and replaced with “Practice Zone” to be more consistent with how success is being measured and now includes ‘Zone 9’ (spacebar/thumbs)
  • A chart that displays “Practice Zones” mapped to a keyboard has been added to the Teacher and Student Resources section
  • Dashboard now includes a hover over text to indicate that the proficiency score is based on a range
  • Individual student reports can now only be exported as a PDF document
  • Raw Class Data Report now pulls as an Excel document
  • In the Student Interface, there is a header display that shows the current Practice Keys and Practice Zones being prescribed
  • EasyTech Curriculum now shows ISTE-S 2016 alignment

Bug Fixes

Adaptive Keyboarding

  • Teachers are now able to change their class settings (including WPM goals and how many minutes are needed to earn game time)
  • Individual Student reports now generate for all students.
  • Graphs displayed in the Teacher Dashboard have been visually optimized to include all information clearly

Digital Literacy Assessment

  • Students now only have to submit their exam once for their score to log in the system
  • DLA teacher dashboard has been visually optimized to ensure that graphics do not overlap and all information is displayed clearly


  • EasyTech Lesson name changes:
  • ‘Hardware and Software Fundamentals: Basic Components’ is now titled ‘Computer Basics’
  • ‘Internet Usage and Online Communication: Basic Components’ is now titled ‘Online Information and Communication Basics’
  • Educational standards have been updated
  • ERate standard alignments have been restored
  • The checklist in the ‘Home Sweet Home’ lesson has been added to track students’ progress
  • Links in the ‘Online Safety Guide for Parents’ have been fixed
  • ‘Internet Essentials’ lesson now allows users to see and click appropriate items on Chromebooks and other devices
  • Curriculum Items are now able to be assigned without having a class selected in the left side bar