November 2017 – Release 132

Feature Enhancements

  • The remaining EasyTech Lessons that were run on Flash Player now run on HTML5
  • Games, Assessments, and Archived Lessons may still run using Flash Player
  • We are continuing to optimize the performance of our HTML lessons

Digital Literacy Assessment

  • Vocabulary terms have been added to the Test Prep resources to help prepare for the DLA exam and to use while teaching digital literacy
  • This will be available to teachers as a Discussion item and will not be made available to students unless the teacher distributes the list.
  • Teacher Dashboard now displays breadcrumbs in the header on Safari as teachers drill down into student detail report
  • The total score on the DLA raw report now matches the Standards score; both scores are now able to display a ‘.5’ for questions that are worth half a point

** Please note this may cause some discrepancies in data when comparing scores that were earned before and after November 9th. The default font size in the assessment will be ‘Large’ instead of ‘Normal.’ Students can customize their settings to a different size if they prefer. The bookmarking message students see after exiting a lesson and returning to a bookmarked screen is now friendlier for a K-8 audience.

Bug Fixes

  • The ‘Sourcing and Ethics’ lesson now launches in the correct language
  • The ‘Sending Email Messages’ lesson now launches in IE browser
  • The ‘Networking’ lesson now allows users to proceed after slide 13
  • The ‘Creating and Organizing Content’ lesson now allows users to proceed after slide 22
  • The ‘Proofreading and Editing’ lesson display on slide 16 has been visually optimized in Internet Explorer
  • The ‘Online Searches’ lesson now allows two different methods of selecting the search button (in the URL and within the browser) to be correct on slide 6
  • The ‘Numbers’ lesson now allows users to achieve all 20 points
  • URLs lesson includes two backslashes (//) in front of ‘www’ on slide 11 but those slashes are not spoken
  • In the ‘Present and Future You’ Application Exercise, the digital tool 3 is now an editable text box