May 2018 – Release 141 and 142M

New Features

Teacher View

  • Updated many state and national standard sets to improve specificity of alignment to specific content
    • This is part of an ongoing effort to maintain updated standards alignment
  • Specific instructions are provided to teachers regarding what characters and symbols are allowed in custom Guided Practices
    • If an incompatible character or symbol is entered, the program will notify the teacher

Coordinator View

  • Learning System Integration options are now visible in all Coordinator accounts

Bug Fixes

  • Exported EasyTech Flex package can now be imported into Schoology
  • Common Cartridge exports produce links that launch without issue
  • “Digital Graphics” Lesson activity on slide 2 no longer counts correct solutions as incorrect
  • “Keyboarding” Lesson correctly displays typed text on iPads
  • “Cursors, Arrows, and Tab” Lesson works correctly on iPads
  • “Symbols of Technology” Lesson works correctly on iPads