Software Updates

March 2018 – Release 137 and 138M

New Features

Digital Literacy Assessment

  • DLA raw data report will include each student’s SIS ID (in column C titled “PersonSourcedId”), allowing for easier import into a district’s SIS

Student View

  • Improved messaging if a student is enrolled in a class with no assignments
    • If a student is in only one class, and that class has no assignments, the student sees the name of the class and a message saying ‘there are no assignments’
    • If a student is in multiple classes, and no class has any assignments, the student sees a list of all their classes, with each class name displayed in grey and a ‘this class is not active’ message displayed on hover
    • If a student is in multiple classes and some of the classes have no assignments, the student does not see those empty classes in their interface at all
  • Updated instructions in Application Exercises to advise students to save any text entered in fields before adding an attachment

Teacher View

  • Updated many state and national standard sets to improve specificity of alignment to specific content
    • This is part of an ongoing effort to maintain updated standards alignments

Bug Fixes

  • Lessons no longer spin on loading in Firefox 59 and 60
  • Repetitive sound effects no longer play unexpectedly during the following lessons when using Chrome 64 or 65
    • Processors and I/O Devices
    • Printer
    • Select, Drag, and Double-click
    • ABCDE
    • Data Storage
    • Symbols of Technology
    • PQRST
    • Brushes and Lines
    • Shape and Fills
    • Computer Basics: Cyber Bullying
  • District Coordinators can retrieve all individual score reports for assessments as normal
  • Students no longer are logged out of Adaptive Keyboarding Game ‘Dinotyper’ prematurely (with an error message)
  • Students no longer need to zoom out in order to successfully complete the lesson ‘Non-Linear Presentations’
  • The lesson ‘Software Buttons and Controls’ no longer allows for scores over 100%
  • The lesson ‘Trends and Forecasts’ no longer allows for scores over 100%
  • Link to grade application exercises from the Teacher home page activity feed will link to the student work that is ready for grading