Software Updates

June 2018 – Release 143, ISTE-18.1, & ISTE-18.2

New Features

  • Texas Teachers with an Author role can export Thin Common Cartridge and share custom curriculum
  • Adaptive Keyboarding Formative Assessment times can be customized by class and/or student
  • Updated many state and national standard sets to improve the specificity of alignment to specific content
    • This is part of an ongoing effort to maintain updated standards alignments
  • The Digital Literacy Assessment (DLA) is now available in two different packages: ‘DLA Snapshot’ and ‘DLA Standard & Snapshot’


Bug Fixes

  • ‘Find by Standard’ searches in the Library now pull updated Lessons (rather than archived content)
  • Slide 12 in ‘Desktop Publishing’ no longer prevents students from selecting the correct answer
  • Updated external link in ‘Rainy Day Savings’ Inquiry project ‘Teacher Notes’ section
  • The spelling of ‘language’ is now correct in Lesson settings
  • Extensions (including Grammarly) no longer create error messages when students launch Lessons