June 2017 – Release 128

Feature Enhancements

  • New icons for EasyCode items to clearly identify coding items
  • The EasyTech lesson “Words, Spaces, and Enter” now detects which operating system and keyboard the user has and displays the corresponding keyboard. The “Backspace” button appears for Windows PC and Android; the “Delete” button appears for Mac PC and iOS (the lessons do not detect Chromebooks)
  • Added closed captioning for two EasyTech lessons “Software (Updated!)” and “Databases: Tables, Records, and Fields (Updated!)”
  • Added hover over text to the tabs inside of the Class menu to better identify those options

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected and updated E-Rate standard alignments displayed in the E-Rate report
  • Added the Indiana Academic Standards to the Standards Alignment Report
  • Removed a duplicate objective from the EasyCode Foundations item “A for Array” lesson plan
  • Fixed error with multiple different Application Exercises within EasyTech that prevented the text fields, checkboxes, and other elements from being filled in or interacted with
  • Fixed an issue preventing the title of the Spanish version of four EasyTech lessons from displaying in Spanish
  • Amended the wording of one of the questions within the “Internet Usage” EasyTech quiz that was confusing students
  • Fixed an issue in the EasyTech lesson “Cursor, Arrows, and Tab” that caused the narration to be repeated on a few slides.
  • Corrected errors in the closed captioning for three Spanish EasyTech lessons
  • Corrected an error that would cause EasyTech games to freeze in the Learning.com Tablet App after students closed and then re-opened the game
  • Fixed issue that was preventing items completed through the Learning.com Tablet App from being marked correctly when the class has a minimum score requirement setting in place
  • Fixed an issue causing Inquiry grades to not display correctly when viewed through the Learning.com Tablet App
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Inquiry Projects and Reflections to be opened after they were turned in