January 2019

Spread the word! Evaluation

  • We’re thrilled to present our new curriculum evaluation tool! If you are an existing customer and know of someone that might want to take us for a spin, you can share the link here
  • Included in the evaluation is an array of EasyTech content, including lessons that launch in English or Spanish


  • If you were used to accessing your CodeMonkey teacher dashboard through the item description page here……that path will work again as it previously did
  • We reformatted the lesson completion certificates so they print more cleanly from the browser

  • In coordinator accounts, if you previously saw an error after choosing ‘No Assessment’ when pulling the District Activity Report or the School Activity Report, the issue has been resolved – you can successfully pull the report again!

  • You can now preview pre-test and post-test questions by launching the items from Catalog.learning.com