January 2018 – Release 134

New Features

Digital Literacy Assessment

  • DLA Summative Assessment is now available!
  • ‘Test Prep’ within the DLA tile now includes vocabulary documents for both 5th and 8th grade Summative Assessments
  • Teachers can now assign the entire Digital Literacy Assessment units by clicking ‘Assign Unit’ within the DLA tiles.
    • Please note that this will not be available via Common Cartridge until a later date

Bug Fixes

  • Students are able to open curriculum items that are individually assigned without extended loading
  • Students are able to launch and close an assignment and automatically see their assignment list without having to refresh their browser
  • Shift keys now work as intended when accessing Adaptive Keyboarding on a tablet device

Adaptive Keyboarding

  • Adaptive Keyboarding reports are now accessible through the class ‘Reports’ tab without excessive loading
  • Teachers can now export Adaptive Keyboarding reports for all students at once without excessive loading
  • The ‘Dinotyper’ game in Adaptive Keyboarding now gives a message to indicate that the game is loading
  • Guided Practices no longer ‘hang’ on the last letter of the practice
  • The Adaptive Keyboarding story challenge ‘5 deers’ has been fixed to ‘5 deer’
  • Adaptive Keyboarding no longer pulls an ‘Oops!’ message for students who have timed out of the site.
    • (This is related to the incorrect time being reflected on the computer and essentially timing out/not properly connecting to our server. This message may still pull for students for other reasons)