December 2018



  • Many application exercises now contain updated descriptions (for improved clarity)
  • ‘Finding Information’ discussion updated for easier use
  • CodeMonkey student preview and teacher dashboard are now accessed through a new interface
  • Updated state and national standard sets to improve the specificity of alignment to specific content
    • This is part of an ongoing effort to maintain updated standards alignments


  • Updated instructions in ‘Word Up! Word Processing 101’ application exercise
    • Includes clarification about what parts only apply to Mac users
  • ‘Printer’ lesson slide 9 is no longer challenging for a student to get correct
    • The area in which a student can drag the paper is larger
  • New interface for launching CodeMonkey items

Bug fixes


  • ‘Smart Alert! Cyberbullying Guide’ application exercise lesson plan no longer contains an outdated link


  • ‘Trail of Tears’ Inquiry pre-test question 1 no longer marks the right answer as incorrect

Specific to Catalog.learning.com


  • Visitors to the site who are not logged in to a G Suite account connected to an EasyTech license can now access a limit preview of any lesson
  • ‘Pre-test’ option added under ‘Resource Type(s)’