December 2017 – Release 133

Feature Enhancements

Adaptive Keyboarding

  • Average WPM and average accuracy found in the teacher’s dashboard will be “over a selected date range” instead of a compilation of the last five scores the student learned.
  • The default range will be from the beginning of the school year but can be customized to any range by the teacher.
  • The Guided Practices naming convention has been updated to include the target practice key:
  • For example, what was “Ike likes Ice” and “6 May Try” are now “I: Ike Likes Ice,” “Number Row: 6 May Try”
  • We now have a friendlier and more universal error messaging attached to Adaptive Keyboarding
  • Students can now click the ‘Continue’ button with their mouse OR hit the ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard to continue a lesson.
  • Adjusting the date range in the Dashboard and Reports tabs will customize the display

*Note, if the student hasn’t completed an assessment within the selected date range, the assessment-specific details at the bottom of the dashboard and in the Raw Reports will be blank. The header will default to the very first assessment details to compare to the averages.

Digital Literacy Assessment

It has been made clear when a question has only been partially answered so students can locate and complete the question before they submit their assessment. This is specific to questions that have two or more parts.

New Features

Adaptive Keyboarding

  • A “Student View” option has been added to the Teacher Dashboard that will allow teachers to launch Adaptive Keyboarding as a student. Results will not be recorded in the gradebook, but the student view will save the teacher’s progress.
  • There is now a ‘Reset’ button in the Settings tab that will default student and/or class settings back to the Learning.com settings.

Bug Fixes

  • The ‘Software’ lesson now bookmarks as intended.
  • The ‘Hardware and Software Fundamentals: Program Menus and Toolbars’ lesson no longer has extra lines that display in the dropdown menu on slide 17.
  • Manual scores can be saved in all English and Spanish lessons.
  • The ‘Reset Username’ feature on the Support page no longer pulls an error message.

Adaptive Keyboarding:

  • The resource titles within EasyTech’s Keyboarding Teacher Resources all link to the proper resource documents.
  • The dropdown list of individual student names is now in alphabetical order, rather than in order of launch-date.
  • Any non-functioning Dashboard & Reports buttons from customized Guided Practices have been removed.

Digital Literacy Assessment

  • Scores no longer “freeze” in a cell when switching between assessments.
  • Teachers who have been assigned to take the Digital Literacy Assessment as a ‘learner’ (typically in a demo account) can now see their scores in the gradebook.