August 2018

New Features

  • Updated Pacing Calendars in ‘Teacher Resources’ (available in the ‘EasyTech K-8 by Grade’ tile found in the Library)
  • Lesson Plans for EasyCode Pillars features Codesters specific rubric
  • “Yes” and “no” responses in Discussion Reflections are now represented by thumbs up and thumbs down images, rather than smiley or sad faces for K-2
    • In addition, Discussion Reflection survey responses no longer score as incorrect

Bug Fixes

  • Gradebook averages are calculating correctly and no longer include incomplete Lessons in the calculations
  • ‘Keyboard: Drill for Accuracy and Speed,’ ‘Keyboarding: Drill 2,’ and ‘Keyboarding: Drill 1’ register as complete and show scores
  • Errors no longer appear for some students for Zone and Word Challenges in Adaptive Keyboarding
  • Application Exercises display grades in Canvas (using the Grader Tool)
  • Broken Web Link in ‘Professional Development Teacher Resource’ removed from ‘3d’ tile in the Library
  • Discussion Reflections appear after Discussions in item order sequences
  • Timer no longer visible after students save work or modify settings in the Digital Literacy Assessment

Specific to Catalog.learning.com:

New Features:

  • Visitors to Catalog.learning.com can provide feedback via a short survey
  • Search tool improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Printer-friendly for all supported browsers
  • Application Exercises no longer display as ‘Auto Score’
  • EasyCode Pillars items no longer show as ‘Auto Score’