Software Updates

April 2018 – Release 139 and 140M

New Features

Teacher View

  • Updated many state and national standard sets to improve specificity of alignment to specific content
    • This is part of an ongoing effort to maintain updated standards alignments

Coordinator View

  • For districts that use Learning Systems Integrations, only one Key and Secret option will be visible

Bug Fixes

  • Students who saw inactive classes on their class list no longer see those
  • Repetitive sound effects no longer play unexpectedly during the ‘Scanner’ Lesson when using Chrome 64 or 65
  • Lessons are less sensitive to errors caused by the device clock being off (either fast or slow)
  • Discussion title corrected to ‘Identity Theft Basics Discussion’ from ‘Identify Theft Basics Discussion’
  • Printing the Digital Literacy Assessment dashboard no longer results in lost visuals
  • Archived Lessons will launch as normal
  • Lessons will record all completion scores as normal