April 2017 – Release 128

New Features

  • Students are now able to slow down the audio playback speed of newer EasyTech lessons to 75%
  • Created the “EasyCode Foundations Teacher Course”. This course provides information for teachers about the CodeMonkey platform and fundamental concepts of programming

Feature Enhancements

  • When creating a course, the User Import Tool will now add a teacher to the schools they are not already apart of
  • EasyTech “Creating Documents” and “Desktop Publishing” lessons now detects which operating system and keyboard the user has and displays the corresponding keyboard. The “Backspace” button appears for Windows PC and Android; the
  • “Delete” button appears for Mac PC and iOS (the lessons do not detect Chromebooks)
  • Added Closed Captions to Spanish versions of many lessons
  • The Learning.com App can now be purchased through the iTunes Volume Purchase Program

Bug Fixes

  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) subjects now displayed in alphabetical order in three-column standards browser
  • “My Schools” links at the bottom of the Coordinator home page now load properly
  • The assignment sequence “forced” now works for classes on the Learning.com tablet app
  • Fixed broken link to Paycheck Calculator in Inquiry “Building a Balanced Budget” Project
  • A task was missing from the teacher view in Inquiry “Persuasive Essay and the Writing Process” Project. When viewing the lesson plan, the page on Task 3 “Revise” > Section 4 “Substitute” now correctly displays
  • Categories and Rubric now appearing correctly for teachers in Inquiry “Outlining the Water Cycle” Project
  • Students were not able to complete the EasyTech “Escáner” Lesson because of blinking. The lesson now works correctly
  • Updated on-screen date for EasyTech “Validity and Sourcing” Lesson. The question asks if the webpage has been updated in the last five years, and the correct answer is yes