Set Up Classes

Teacher Set Up Guide

Welcome to! This guide explains the basic steps to get your classes and curriculum ready.

Step 1: Create Classes

  • Click on ‘My Classes’ in the left-hand side of your screen
  • Click on the graduation cap icon in the lower left-hand corner
  • Type in the name of the class and click ‘Create’
  • Select your desired class settings and click ‘Save Changes’


Step 2: Enroll Students

  • Click on the small class students tab in the left sidebar and click ‘Enroll Students’
  • Click the box next to the grade(s) from which you will enroll students
  • Click the ‘Enroll’ button by a student’s name
  • Enroll multiple students at once by checking the box next to each name and clicking ‘Enroll Selected’


Step 3: Assign Curriculum

  • Click on the small class assignments tab in the left sidebar and click ‘Assign Curriculum’
  • Click on curriculum and find the sequence, units, or items you wish to assign
  • Click the ‘Assign’ button to the right of an item to add it to any of your classes
  • Whole units can be assigned by clicking ‘Assign Unit’ at the top of a unit page
  • Search for curriculum or user-generated content by typing a keyword in the search bar provided; you may assign user-generated curriculum the same way you would curriculum

Implementation Options

  • Assign curriculum to a small group: From ‘My Classes,’ click on the group icon at the bottom of the left sidebar; the group icon has a plus sign and a small group of people. Select the name of the class you’d like to create a group within. Name your group and click ‘Add.’ Enroll students and assign curriculum as you would a class.


  • Assign curriculum to a single student: From ‘My Classes,’ click ‘Individual Students’ under the class name the student is enrolled in, select the student, and click ‘Assign Curriculum.’

Gradebook options:

  • Click the ‘Print Log In Cards’ button above the gradebook to print the login information for each student (Note: this feature is only available when at least one curriculum item is assigned)
  • Click the ‘Print Roster’ button to print a full class list with student login information
  • Click the ‘Export Gradebook’ button to export student grades to another format, such as Excel