Set Up Classes

Organizing Classes

Navigating to the Gradebook



Once you log in to your account on select ‘My Classes’ from the left column to access the gradebook.

If you do not yet have classes created, you will need to create one before you can begin using the gradebook. Instructions on doing that can be found here.

Once you have a class created, select it from the left column to see the gradebook appear in the main screen area.



Tabs in the Left Column

The left side column of the teacher interface contains several tabs that help you manage your classrooms:

Class Assignments

The first tab, ‘Class Assignments’ (represented with a book icon), gives you access to all assignments within a class. To move or remove a curriculum item, select ‘Edit’ in your ‘Class Assignments’ tab. Teachers can delete curriculum from the class by selecting the ‘X’ next to it. Teachers can also move assignments up or down in the list by selecting the arrows. Another way to move items is to hold the three vertical dots to drag an assignment to the desired location within the list. Be sure to select ‘Done’ when finished.




Class Students

The next tab, ‘Class Students,’ works in the same way as assignments. Selecting the ‘X’ removes the student from the class, although they will remain in the school and district and will not lose any scores that they earned.

NOTE: If your district syncs your classes with your student information system (SIS), then this feature may not be available to you or may revert when synced. Contact the administrator in your district responsible for maintaining the SIS sync for more information about how to move students in or out of your classes.



Class Assessments

If a district purchases standardized assessments from, then proctors will see a ‘Class Assessments’ tab. From this tab, proctors can schedule assessments. They can also see which assessments have already been assigned to the class and if they have any unassigned parts. Click here for more information about setting up assessments.




Class Reports

Finally, the tab with a picture of a pie chart is the ‘Class Reports’ tab. From here, teachers can pull class-level information about specific students, curriculum items, or standards. Click here for more information about the reports available to teachers.









Creating New Classes, Groups, and Duplicates

Below the classes tabs in the left column, there are shortcut tools to create new classes and groups. There is also a tool to duplicate existing classes and groups. This can be used by teachers who want to create a new class with the same curriculum as an existing class or with the same students.