Set Up Classes

Creating Groups

Why create Groups at all?

Creating a Group within a class is a great way to assign additional curriculum items to particular students who may need help in a certain area, need different language options, or are looking for a challenge that may not be suitable for the rest of the class.

Groups can also be used to keep certain curriculum separate from the rest of the assignment list. This is particularly helpful with curriculum that require on-going practice, like Adaptive Keyboarding. Creating a separate Group keeps that curriculum in one spot within the student’s account, so that s/he can easily find and access the curriculum over and over again.

Creating a Group is essentially creating a Class within a Class that only students enrolled in that Group can see.

How to create a Group:

Step 1: At the bottom of the left-hand side of your screen, click on the middle tab with the plus sign and three little people. This is your ‘Groups’ tab.




Step 2: Select the name of the class that you’d like to create a Group within by clicking the downward facing arrow to the right of ‘Select a Class’ and clicking on a class name.

Title your Group within the ‘Group name here’ field.

Click ‘Create.’

You can adjust the Group settings by clicking the ‘Settings’ button towards the top of your Group gradebook.

*** Please note that your Group settings will not automatically be the same as your Class settings.


Step 3: Assign curriculum items by selecting either one of the two ‘Assign Curriculum’ buttons.

You’ll then be able to assign curriculum as you typically would to a class by searching in the Library or typing a keyword into the search bar. Once you find the curriculum item you’d like to assign to the Group, click the ‘Assign’ button to add that individual item or click the ‘Assign Unit’ button to assign the entire unit:


Step 4: Assigning students can be done by selecting the ‘Enroll Students’ button towards the top of your gradebook or in the left sidebar under the ‘Student’ tab:

You can choose to search for students by grade and/or name as you would when enrolling in a typical class or you can view only the students who are already enrolled in your “host” class by selecting your class name where it says ‘Student in [name of class]’ towards the top of your roster:

Your Group has been created! When viewing your class list, you’ll see your newly created Group under the class it was made under.

To access the Group going forward, just click on the Group name!



What do Groups look like in students’ accounts?

Students who are enrolled in the Group will see their Group name at the top of their assignment list. Clicking on the name of the Group will bring them to their Group assignment list.