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Assigning Items to Individual Students

Why assign items to individual students?

Similar to the option of assigning items to a group of students within a class, assigning items to individual students is a great way to customize the experience for a student who may need help in a certain area, a different language option, or is ready for a challenge that may not be suitable for the rest of the class.

Assigning items to an individual student will supplement the class assignment flow for that student but will not replace it. The student will continue to have access to all the curriculum assigned under the main class.

How to assign items to individual students

Step 1: When viewing your class list, you will see that below each class name is the option to select ‘Individual Students.’ Select this for the class where the student you wish to assign individual items to is enrolled.

Step 2: Select the name of the student to whom you will assign items.

Step 3: You will now have the option to assign curriculum to the student you have selected (through the same process as you would for the main class).

Step 4: You can edit the settings for the student’s individual assignment flow as you would for the main class. Please note that editing the student’s individual settings will not change the settings for the assignments that the student completes in the main class.

What do individual assignments look like in a student’s account?

Students who have individual items assigned to them will see ‘Student’ to the right of ‘Class’ at the top of their assignment list. They can switch between the different assignment flows by clicking on the applicable header.

How to see the grades for curriculum assigned individually

The work that students complete as individual assignments will not replace their scores in the main class. You can monitor their progress and see their grades by selecting ‘Individual Students’ below the class name and choosing the name of the student whose grades you want to see. This will open a gradebook that contains only the work you assigned specifically to that student.