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2020 Updates


New! Adaptive Keyboarding: Archaeological Adventure has now added High School level Adaptive Keyboarding to EasyTech. Adaptive Keyboarding: Archaeological Adventure follows students through a keyboarding adventure in which students search for world artifacts through an internship at a museum.

Adaptive Keyboarding: Archaeological Adventure is a great way to engage High School students in learning keyboarding skills while also providing educational exploration across new subject matters.


New! Updated student experience

Our student interface has been updated to reflect a new, refreshed student experience in the platform.

  • Student assignments and curriculum is now displayed as a navigational path in a virtual ‘world’ game board
  • Two adaptive classroom ‘worlds’ that reflect the grade level of the class
    • A board stylized for grades K-5
    • A board stylized for grades 6-12
  • Unlockable Avatars and characters for completion of curriculum


New! Updated ‘Login Page’

The login page has been updated to reflect the new student experience. All the original features of the login page are still available, in addition to buttons for Clever and Classlink added to the bottom for those districts who login via Clever or Classlink.


New! Online Training Center now offers Self-Service Onboarding through the Online Training Center. From educators who are new to and EasyTech to current users who could use a refresher on implementation basics, these courses will teach the need-to-know information to get up and running!

In addition, completion of the Online Training Center provides educators with PD credits through our Certificate of Completion!

Find more information by clicking here.

New! Coding Content from CoderZ

CoderZ delivers an equitable, cyber robotics program that eliminates the requirement of extensive teacher training and a massive technology investment. This program actively engages students in cross-curricular subjects such as math and engineering. Students will develop coding skills in block- and text-based programming environments with Blockly, Java, and Python practice. The CoderZ program meets CSTA, Common Core Mathematics, and NGSS standards and promotes essential 21st-century skills. 

CoderZ courses provide students with the opportunity to code a virtual robot. In this program there are three courses 

  • Cyber Robotics 101 immerses students in the basics of robotics and coding.  
  • Cyber Robotics 102 builds on students’ programming skills.  
  • Coding Robots 2.0 has students solving hands-on STEM problems through codes, as well as math and engineering


New! Coding Content from CodeMonkey

  • now provides block-based coding instruction for K-2 students with CodeMonkey Jr. (Grades K-1) and Beaver Achiever (Grades 1-2)
  • This new coding curriculum is found in EasyCode Foundations: Beginner (K-2 only content) and EasyCode Foundations Suite (full K-5 coding content)
  • Curriculum is available on the Google catalog to be assigned to your Google classrooms


New! EasyCode Pillars Intro to Python 3

  • Python 3 is now available through the EasyCode Pillars Suite
  • 10 Lessons and 10 Projects that build upon Intro to Python 1 and 2
  • New coding curriculum covers concepts and skills that include functions, while loops, nested ifs, logic, list operations, nested loops, exceptions, input & output, dictionaries and imported modules.

New! Codesters MTA Exam Prep

  • New MTA Exam Prep course readies students for the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification
  • Includes full length Pre and Post-Tests, along with curriculum to review concepts previously taught to assess retention and knowledge

New! Adaptive Keyboarding games

  • Three new games are now available to students in Adaptive Keyboarding: ‘Keyboard Cannons’, ‘Keyboarders’, and ‘Word Defense’

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