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Transferring Student Scores

If students transfer between classes, teachers can see scores from the same curriculum items assigned and completed in the other classes and transfer those scores to their own gradebook. After viewing the scores in the gradebook, teachers have two options for transferring the scores.

Include grades from all classes

  • Begin in the class gradebook
  • Check ‘Include grades from all classes’
  • A score will appear if the student completed the same curriculum item in another class in your district within the same school year
  • The tooltip shows the class, school, and teacher of the score

Option 1: Enter a Manual Score

  • Click on the score
  • Click the Save icon
  • Note: this will override any future scores for that item in your gradebook and will appear in bold


Option 2: Import Scores

  • Click on the student’s name in the class gradebook to load their individual gradebook
  • Click ‘Import Scores’
  • A pop-up will display with the scores that can be transferred. You will only see scores for items that you have assigned to the class or group this student is enrolled. If the student has already completed the item in your class, you’ll only see a transfer score if the old score was higher.
  • Select which score(s) to import by checking the respective boxes
  • Click ‘Import selected scores’
  • Confirm the import
  • Return to the class gradebook to see the student’s scores

Note: imported scores act as if the student completed the curriculum item in your class (and the student can re-take the curriculum item for a better score)

Implementation Notes

If a teacher does not save the score into the current gradebook, the student will complete the curriculum item in that class and the regular score will replace the external score.

The score that is displayed is the “best and highest score” from all attempts. To choose the score, the platform compares all previous scores. First, it chooses the highest score from every external class, with manual scores always selected as that highest score even if an automatically generated score is higher.

If the visible score is lower than the minimum passing score for a forced order class, the score will appear in red. In this instance, the teacher should not save the score.