My Gradebook

Gradebook Settings

Navigating to the Gradebook

Once you log in to your account on select ‘My Classes’ from the left column to access the Gradebook.

If you do not yet have classes created, you will need to create one before you can begin using the gradebook. Instructions on doing that can be found here.

Once you have a class created, select it from the left column to see the Gradebook appear in the main screen area.

Settings Page

The ‘Settings’ button on the blue banner above the Gradebook allows teachers to manage specific criteria for each class. Select ‘Settings’ to see what can be changed.

Active / Inactive

At the top of the Settings page in the blue banner is the ‘Active’ checkbox. When this box is checked, the class is active, and students will be able to see and complete assignments. If a teacher unchecks this box, then students will see a message saying “You are not enrolled in a class” when they log in.

Teachers can use this feature if they want to make unseen changes to the class, or if they want to prevent students from logging in from home or while on a school break.

Class Name, Description, and Grade

Teachers can edit the name of a class and grade level here and include a description of the class for their own notes. Be sure to select the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page to make these changes.

Lesson Certificates

Teachers can choose if they want their students to see certificates of completion when they finish EasyTech lessons. Students completing Spanish lessons will automatically get a certificate in Spanish if certificates have been turned on.

Student Tracking

Tracked Classes ensure scores stick with students. Each student with a unique student number and username will retain their scores on any assignment or assessment that they complete – even if they are removed from a class.

If Student Tracking is set to ‘No,’ then all students will need to log in using the same username and password and their scores will not be saved. Choosing this option will prompt the teacher to set up a single username and password for all students to use.

Note: This feature is great for classrooms that want to demo for parents at a Back to School Night or similar event! The teacher can create a new Parent Class where parents can all use the same username and password to try out some of the lessons their children will be using. Some teachers also like to use it for very young students who aren’t yet receiving grades, such as pre-k.

Assignment Sequence and Minimum Score

Selecting the ‘Forced’ option under Assignment Sequence will require students to complete assignments in the order that they appear in the Gradebook. A student must complete the previous assignment before he or she can move on to the next one.

Note: Application Exercises are exempt from Forced Sequence, so incomplete AE assignments will not deter student progress to the next assignment.

Open Sequence + Minimum Score

Teachers can also decide for each class what percent a student needs to reach on each assignment. If a student received a lower score than the minimum set by the teacher (even with the sequence set to ‘Open’) the score will not appear on the Student Detail Report and the score will appear in red to both the teacher and the student, suggesting that they try again.

Forced Sequence + Minimum Score

If a student receives a score lower than the minimum score set by the teacher in a Forced Sequence class, the student will not be allowed to move on to the next assignment. He or she will need to retake the assignment until he or she meets the minimum threshold.

NOTE: In addition to setting these features for an entire class, they can also be set for students and groups, but only for lessons assigned to an individual student or group. To do this, select a student from the Gradebook and assign curriculum to just that one student. Select Settings above that student’s Gradebook page to change the Forced Sequence and Minimum Score for the individual work of one student at a time. This is helpful for students who complete assignments at a different pace than the rest of the class. Follow this link more information about setting up groups.


Some assignments, such as Application Exercises and Inquiry Projects, can be set up to allow students and teachers to type comments that can be seen by everyone within the class with access to that assignment.

Student View

Next to the ‘Settings’ button atop the Gradebook is the ‘Student View’ button. Selecting this allows teachers to get a preview of what the class looks like to students.

NOTE: This view is generic and shows only the main class and groups. If you have students to whom you’ve assigned individual work, you can select them from the Gradebook, and then select ‘Student View’ to see what that specific student will see when logging in.

Contacting Support

Near the top right corner of the gradebook there is a link that will bring you to the Support Site, where you can find support resources and reach out to the Customer Support team.