Maintaining User Accounts/Classes

Uploading Classes with the User Import Tool

Enrolling Students into Classes with the User Import Tool

The User Import Tool (UIT) is a Windows-only tool available for download on the Coordinator Home Page, in the Import Users section.

If you do not have access to a Windows computer, complete Steps 1 and 2 below and then contact Customer Support for further assistance: or 800.580.4640 x2.

Note: The class upload creates classes, but does not create user accounts. Students and educators will need to already be in the system before classes can be created.

Step 1: Create and Format a Spreadsheet with Class Information

Create a spreadsheet with class information (i.e., student account to be enrolled in the listed Class, taught by the listed Teacher, at the listed School) or download a template. See below for an example. The User Import Tool is particular about formatting so it is important to abide by the following guidelines.

  • Be sure that headers are entered exactly as shown below in the spreadsheet.
  • Never start or end an entry with a space. Non-alphanumeric characters are allowed in class names and spaces are allowed in between words. Note that ampersands will appear as “&amp” in class names.
  • All information should match the accounts and platform.

User Import Tool - Class Upload

Step 2: Save the spreadsheet

Save the file in the comma separated value format, i.e., CSV (Comma Delimited). Close the file.

Step 3: Download and launch the User Import Tool from your computer

Login to your coordinator account. On the left-hand side of your coordinator homepage, select ‘Import Users’ under the ‘User Account Tools’ header. The User Import Tool (UIT) will download to your desktop.

Open the UIT, sign in using your coordinator credentials, and follow the pictures below.

User Import Tool - Class Upload - 2

User Import Tool - Class Upload - 3User Import Tool - Class Upload - 4

User Import Tool - Class Upload - 5 User Import Tool - Class Upload - 6

Helpful tips

  • During the validation step, the User Import Tool examines the CSV file for problems and compares the data to the current accounts. Error messages relate to this process. It is possible to see and correct errors, run the tool again, and see new errors that need to be resolved.
  • The errors in the detail window can be copied and pasted into a word processing application. This can be helpful when reviewing and correcting the errors. Checking the “Skip Errors” box tells the import tool to ignore those entries, and complete the upload.
  • Warnings sometimes appear during the validation process if a new class is being created, or if a student account name is being changed. After reviewing these you can continue with the upload.
  • The User Import Tool verifies that the listed StudentID is at the school listed. If enrollments are entered for a school that a teacher account is not in, the User Import Tool will addd that teacher to the new school.

Common Error Messages

User Import Tool - Support