Maintaining User Accounts/Classes

Creating Untracked Classes

Teachers can create an untracked class, which has one login for all users and does not capture scores in the gradebook. To create an untracked class, click “My Classes.” Click the desk icon. Type a name and click “Add.” On the Settings page, set student tracking to “No” and enter a username and password. Click “Save Changes.”

Click My Classes

Creating Classes - Click My Classes

Click the Graduation Cap Icon and Add

Creating Classes - Click the Desk Icon

Choose Settings and Save

Creating Classes -Choose Settings and Save

Student Tracking – No

  • Selecting the second radio button will bring up the fields to enter the username and password.
  • Hint: Use the same word for the username and password so it’s easy to remember.

Student View

Create Untracked Class - Support - 2

  • Direct users to When they enter the login credentials, they will see the student view and can open and complete assignments.