Maintaining User Accounts/Classes

SIS Sync or User Import Tool

Uploading District Data

To streamline the process of populating accounts and enrollments, we have two methods of uploading your district’s data to

User Import Tool

  • Data is compiled into a CSV spreadsheet and uploaded using our User Import Tool
  • District and School Coordinators have instant control over the district’s accounts and enrollments
  • Customer Support can troubleshoot CSV files and assist with errors

SIS Integration

  • Data is updated directly from the district’s SIS via Clever, an intermediary company
  • Changes to accounts and enrollments have to be made in the district’s data and wait to be synchronized
  • Sync Support can troubleshoot sync errors, but can’t directly interact with the district’s data or issues between the district and Clever

What’s the best integration for your district?

There are many factors that go into determining the best way to populate your data into Here are some of the things to consider when deciding which solution will be the best fit for your district:

Does your district have a highly mobile student population?

Yes: SIS Sync. Frequent updates would help keep data correct.

No: User Import Tool. SIS Sync would needlessly complicate things.


Are there 5000+ students in your district?

Yes: SIS Sync.The ability to automatically manage a large population justifies the work to set up integration.

No: User Import Tool. The work to set up integration can outweigh the benefit to your district.


Does your current class structure match how it should appear in for teachers and students?

Yes: SIS Sync. If your classes being imported from the SIS match what the teachers expect to see, then the transition should be smooth.

No: User Import Tool. Manually creating classes gives your district the ability to customize the way that classes are named and organized.


Has your district recently changed to a new SIS, or do you plan to soon?

Yes: User Import Tool. Transitioning to a new SIS can be a lengthy and complicated process. Attempting SIS Sync during that time could prove problematic.

No: SIS Sync.Your district’s SIS needs to be fully implemented and stable before attempting to SIS Sync.


Does your district’s SIS support automatic sync with Clever?

Yes: If your SIS program can link with Clever, that makes integration easier and can lead to a higher chance continual success.

No: User Import Tool. Trying integration with an SIS that doesn’t support Clever the sync will require files to be manually updated, unless someone at the district can write a script to automate uploads.


Can your district support pushing SFTP files daily?

Yes: SIS Sync. Sync integration is best suited to frequent uploads in order to function properly.

No: User Import Tool. If you have limited resources to send data out daily, using the User Import Tool will let you put together and upload your data whenever is convenient for you.


Does your district have an intense desire to pursue SIS Sync?

Yes: SIS Sync. If you’re highly motivated to get your SIS synced with, it can go a long way toward making the integration successful.

No: User Import Tool. Creating and uploading CSV files may prove far easier for you than implementing a new system to update your data.


Is the district already a Clever customer?

Yes: SIS Sync. It’s a big advantage to already be familiar with Clever and working together with them.

No: User Import Tool. Classroom teachers, library technicians, or other district personnel can compile the district’s information and upload it with no advanced knowledge of your district’s system.


Do you have a staff member dedicated to managing your SIS?

Yes: SIS Sync.You’re responsible for understanding the ins and outs of your system and how it interacts with Clever and SIS Syncing. Having a technician who is an expert in your district’s setup is a big advantage.

No: User Import Tool. If there’s no centralized coordinator for working with your SIS then it’s much easier to show multiple people how to use the User Import Tool.


Will your district’s database manager work cooperatively to set up integration?

Yes: SIS Sync. It’s crucial that your database manager is willing to take on the task of integration.

No: User Import Tool. They may not have time available to work on a integrating a new system, or may not want to change their status quo. Being resistant to the integration could be a barrier to implementation.


Will your district’s database manager work cooperatively to maintain the integrity of the data?

Yes: SIS Sync. Since it’s an automated system, teachers rely on the accuracy of student and enrollment data. Updates need to be maintained in a timely fashion. This is critical.

No: User Import Tool. Teachers and district personnel can access and edit student and enrollment data directly, making it less critical that it is maintained on a daily basis.


Are your district’s teachers resistant to changes in the visual layout of their platform?

Yes: User Import Tool. When a district is synced, some fields on the platform are locked—class names, usernames, etc. If teachers are hesitant to change what they’re familiar with then they can get frustrated with an SIS Sync.

No: SIS Sync. If teachers are receptive to changes to their visual layout then they may benefit from the district directly controlling their data.


Do your district’s teachers need SIS Sync to be interested in the material?

Yes: SIS Sync. If your teachers find managing classes and enrolling students to be a hassle, then SIS Sync can be a big help in getting them on board.

No: User Import Tool. Many teachers are comfortable creating their own classes and enrolling students, and don’t need the added feature of SIS Sync.