NCEdCloud (North Carolina Only)FAQ

The NCEdCloud IAM Service SSO (single sign-on) integration allows North Carolina users to log into via the NCEdCloud IAM Service portal.

How will my staff and student accounts be entered into the platform?

If you are using Clever, you do not need to upload users.

More information about Student Information Systems including Clever is available  here.

If you are not using Clever, to streamline the process of populating accounts and enrollments we highly recommend use of the User Import Tool for uploading your district’s data to

The User Import Tool (UIT) is a Windows-only tool created by that is available for download on the coordinator home page in the ‘Import Users’ section.

  • Data is compiled into a CSV spreadsheet and uploaded using our User Import Tool
  • District and School Coordinators have instant control over the district’s accounts and enrollments
  • Customer Support can troubleshoot CSV files and assist with errors

Find Student account upload instructions and information using the User Import Tool here:

Maintaining User Accounts – Uploading Student Accounts with the User Import Tool

For Educator account upload instructions and information using the User Import Tool.  Be sure to use the UserID field in the spreadsheet to add your Unique Staff Identifier (Staff UID). Follow the directions here :

Maintaining User Accounts – Uploading Teacher Accounts with the User Import Tool


I created teachers before the NCEdCloud integration was activated.  Can I add the Unique ID to my current teacher profiles?


If you created a CSV file earlier to upload educator accounts, you can edit it to include a column for Unique ID and the User Import Tool can then be used to update teacher accounts. Please use the template to make sure your file has the correct configuration.

You can manually add the Unique ID to educator accounts from the District Coordinator page. By  finding an educator account in Find/Manage Users and choosing the orange e edit option, the ID can be added.


Where do users go to log in with their NCEd Cloud accounts?

Users can go to

Students and teachers can also continue to access via the platform at