Interoperability Solutions supports interoperability with Google Classroom as well with IMS Global standards such as LTI and Common Cartridge.

Single Sign-On (SSO) to the Platform

Add an LTI External Tool that launches the platform.

This step is usually performed by the LMS Administrator, as it applies to all teachers in the district.

  • Give the external tool a name such as ‘’
  • Enter the LTI Key and Secret provided by that is found under the Learning System Integrations link on the Coordinator page
  • Enter the URL

Note: this URL is an LTI endpoint and is not intended to be viewed in a web browser.

Getting started with Google Classroom

If you’ve never used Google Classroom before and need help getting started, you can begin here: G Suite for Education

Once you have G Suite for Education, have a Coordinator at the district complete the G-Suite Registration form and provide us with your G Suite domain so we can give you access to materials in Google Classroom.

After we inform you that you have access, you can start assigning curriculum from the Catalog! Instructions for assigning curriculum to Google Classroom can be found here: Assigning Curriculum to Google Classroom. Educators may also want to plan their courses using our Google Classroom Pacing Guide – be sure to select the appropriate grade-level from the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.


Setting up Canvas with

Instructions for setting up Canvas can be found here: Setting Up Canvas with


Setting up Schoology with

Instructions for setting up Schoology can be found here: Setting up Schoology with


Other LTI solutions

Please contact Customer Sync Support at for any questions about using other LTI connections to