Google Classroom: Introductory Overview & FAQ

As of Summer 2018,’s online curriculum is available to use through Google Classroom, which means there’s a lot more flexibility in how and where our products can be used! Many schools and school districts may already be familiar with Google Classroom and the functionality available through Google’s educational platform, but for those who are not yet familiar, this will help you get started!

Between Google Classroom and, how do I know which platform is best for my classroom?

Between structure, subject area, and teaching style… all classrooms are different, so it’s hard to share one across-the-board best practice that will cover each classroom’s unique needs. To help decide which platform is right for you and your students, here are some benefits that each platform offers. If you have questions, reach out to your school or district administrator for guidance—or let our support team know!

Using in Google Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to get started using curriculum in Google Classroom?

The first thing needs in order to make sure your school/district can use our curriculum through Google Classroom is the G Suite domain(s) used by your school or district. Please keep in mind that there may be multiple domains used by teachers, administrators, and students at the district; we will need all the domains that will be used to access content through Google Classroom.

What is a G Suite domain?

A G Suite domain is the identifier after the ‘@’ symbol in the email address you use to access Google Classroom.

If you’re unsure about whether your school district’s domain is a G Suite for Education domain, check with your IT or District Coordinator to confirm that you’re already signed up. To find your domain follow these three steps:

1: Log into Google Classroom.

2: Click on your Account Information button in the upper right.

3: An account information box will appear. The text after “This account is managed by” is your Google domain.


How do we register our domain?

A member of  your district with a District Coordinator role can register your G Suite domain(s)   On the Coordinator Dashboard, look under Licenses, and find Google Classroom Integration. Enter the domain(s) you need.

That’s it! Once your domain has been registered, you can start assigning curriculum to your Google class. Read more about Assigning and managing curriculum in Google Classroom.

Does it cost anything extra to use curriculum through Google Classroom?

It does not!

If I want to use Google Classroom with my class, does that mean my entire school needs to use Google Classroom?

No. Classroom teachers can choose which set-up is best for each individual classroom, which means some classes within a school or school district can access curriculum through Google Classroom, while others can access the curriculum through the platform. For instance, grades K-2 may log in to directly, while grades 3-5 may use Google Classroom. Please note that the Google Classroom gradebook and the gradebook do not pass information between one another. Classes that are set up in Google Classroom will not appear in or the other way around.

If I’m using Google Classroom do I need to login to at all? Do my students?

Neither educators nor students need to log in to the platform if they are using Google Classroom to access their curriculum. If teachers need to assign curriculum that has not yet been integrated with Google Classroom, students will need to log in to to complete the assignment(s) in a class that has been set up by the educator. For more information on which products are not yet available in Google Classroom, please see the question ‘Is all curriculum available in Google Classroom?’ below.

How do I assign curriculum to my Google class?

To assign curriculum to your Google class, visit the Catalog. Here, you’ll be able to search, preview, and assign the curriculum you’d like your students to complete. Within each curriculum item description, there is a ‘Share to Google Classroom’ button that you can select and then choose which of your classes within Google Classroom you’d like to assign this item to.

For more information about assigning curriculum to your Google class, visit our Assigning Curriculum to Google Classroom post.

Is all curriculum available in Google Classroom?

As of December 2018, EasyTech (which includes Adaptive Keyboarding) and EasyCode Foundations (Code Monkey) and Easy Code Pillars (Codesters) are available through Google Classroom.

Inquiry, assessments (DLA, 21CSA, TLA, TCEA, and WayFind), and Spanish language Application Exercises are not yet available in Google Classroom.

I’m using Google Classroom and my grades aren’t reflecting in my gradebook; why is that?

Since the Google Classroom platform and platform do not “speak” to each other, grades are not able to pass between the gradebooks. Scores that are earned within the platform will be reflected in the gradebook, while scores earned within a Google class will only be reflected within Google Classroom.

How do I continue to track school and district usage when using Google Classroom?

As of December 2018, district-level Adaptive Keyboarding and E-rate reports are the only reports that include Google Classroom activity.


For more information about using Google Classroom and Google for Education, you may find these resources helpful:

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