ClassLink Integration supports integration with ClassLink Single Sign on and Roster Server. ClassLink Roster Server delivers class rosters from your School Information System to securely using the IMS Global OneRoster standard. This makes transferring school, teacher, class, and student enrollment data to faster, easier, and secure.

ClassLink integration with is available to all customers.

What is the setup process?

  • School districts sign up with ClassLink and configures their data sharing
  • From their ClassLink interface, they request a connection to
  • receives this connection request and configures the ClassLink connect to
  • Data synchronization is activated and checked

* Sync Support is available to answer any questions along the way

Notes on data sharing

When reviewing shared data, we are looking to confirm that we are seeing:

  • That there are district records as well as school records and that the school records have a parent Sourcedid matching the district Sourcedid
  • That the Classes have grade levels assigned to them
  • That the Identifier field or Sourcedid field are populated for users. Matching the Student ID on and the Identifier value will allow new accounts to merge.
  • Teachers are merged based on their email address on and in the Classlink data
  • Enrollments file in Classlink also needs to be populated

ClassLink Single Sign On

Once integrated with, students and educators will be able to log into directly from their ClassLink Launchpad.

They can also use the ClassLink button on our Login page: