Inquiry Teacher Guide: Pre-Tests

Pre-tests check if students have the technology skills needed to perform the technology-related tasks in the project. When a student misses 2 or more questions per skill, the related EasyTech lesson appears in their assignment list. All Inquiry pre-tests and recommended lessons are automatically scored by the platform.

How the Pre-test WorksInquiryPreTest1

  • The audio button plays aloud the question and possible answers (Pretests with Spanish audio support can also be assigned)
  • Three questions correspond to each technology skill used in the project
  • Number of pre-test questions depends on number of skills covered
  • Maximum number of questions for each grade level:
    • K–2: 9 questions
    • 3–5: 12 questions
    • 6–8: 15 questions

Recommended LessonsInquiryPreTest2

  • Students just click the link to launch the recommended EasyTech lessons
  • If the Assignment Sequence in Class Settings is set to Forced, students who score under 80% on the recommended lessons will not be able to move on to the project until achieving a passing score

Viewing Pre-test ResultsInquiryPreTest_3a_0

  • To view pre-test results, navigate to class gradebook
  • ​Click “In Progress” or “Completed”
  • Pre-test results will appear in a pop-up window
  • Click through the pre-test to see student performance • Click “Progress” to view the grading window

Implementation Notes

  • Recommended EasyTech lessons teach technology skills, but should not be considered part of the student’s overall project grade
  • Options for teachers if students are struggling to pass the EasyTech lessons:
    • Change the Assignment Sequence in Class Settings to Open
    • Create a separate group with all students and assign only the pre-test, and then assign the project and reflection to the class outside of the group
    • Delete the pre-test from class assignment list
    • Assign all recommended lessons that are listed in the pre-test Teacher Notes tab on the platform