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    I would love the option to schedule exercises so they cannot be started until a specific time of day. Currently, I assign the assignment at the beginning of each class, otherwise students can start or complete the assignment before I see them in class. This would also help out my substitutes when I am gone.

  • Don Lambert

    The "original" platform has a feature for copying a class with the options of retaining the curriculum and/or the students. I've used both options and hope you will work that functionality into the new(ish) teacher center before deciding to move on from the original. Thanks!

  • Don Lambert

    One last feature that has not shown up in the new Teacher Center platform is individual student reports where I can see dates of lesson completions and a record of when a student tries a lesson more than once either because they wanted to or were forced to by not meeting a minimum score -- both important metrics for assessing student progress and flagging areas of need for additional student support. As long as the old platform is accessible I can go there for this visibility; please strongly consider having the same on the new platform. 

  • Nancy Ruys

    I would like to see a student view or a unit called tech path so I may model to students that are struggling and/or do it as a class before they do a difficult skill alone.

  • Jeff Wiseman

    Tools are needed to make it easier for teachers or coordinators to assign assignments to classes.  Need to be able to assign a single assignment to multiple classes at one time --OR-- be able to assign multiple assignments to a single class at a time.  This is especially helpful for Coordinators trying to push out content to classes for their teachers.  Currently you have to click each assignment separately and click a single class to assign it to.  This means that it takes 20 steps to assign 2 assignments to 5 classes (click assignment - class - assignment - class - repeat)


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