Coordinator Features

Single Sign-on Guide for Coordinators

Single sign-on (or SSO) is the feature that simplifies the process of viewing resources from all over the web through the classroom. can store the usernames and passwords for supported external websites linked in teacher-created web links and curriculum items from other content providers. When a student clicks any curriculum item that leads to the same external resource, their login information is entered automatically. SSO credentials can be entered in two ways — by students when they open an item or by coordinators ahead of time using the User Import Tool.

Student Enters CredentialsStudent Enters Credentials

  • When a student clicks the SSO curriculum item in their assignment list, they are asked to enter their username and password for the external website.
  • If the “Save my info” box is checked, students will not have to enter their credentials for any links to that website again.


Create a SpreadsheetCreate a Spreadsheet

  • Columns have these labels: Username, SSO Username, SSO Password.
  • The first username column should list students’ username.
  • The other columns list the login credentials for the outside website.
  • Save the file in the comma separated value format, i.e., CSV (Comma Delimited).


Launch the User Import ToolLaunch the User Import Tool

  • Choose the Single Sign-On (SSO) Credentials Import and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • See detailed instructions for the SSO Upload.
  • More Information on the User Import Tool can be found at the Resources Page.
  • A list of SSO-compatible content providers can be found in the User Import Tool.