Getting Started

Instant Login by Clever

Instant Login by Clever - 1Step 1: Login Page

When visiting, you will now see the new “Log in with Clever” button.

If your school or district uses Clever, click the ‘Login with Clever’ button to begin the login process. The next thing you see will depend on several conditions which may change each time you log in.

  • If you already logged in to Clever in another browsing tab, skip ahead to Step 5.
  • If you are not already logged in, Clever will attempt to determine what district you are in.
  • If Clever can automatically determine the district, skip ahead to Step 3.
  • Otherwise, go to Step 2.


Step 2: Select School

If Clever cannot determine your school or district, you will see a school selector.

Instant Login by Clever - 2

Begin by typing the name of your school. As you type, a drop down list will appear.

Instant Login by Clever - 3

The school district appears under the name of the school. Select your school and district.

Step 3: Select Authentication Type

Once Clever knows your school and district you will be presented with a landing page that is specific to your school district. In the center will be a white “Log in with ____” button. The type of login authentication varies based on what your district uses. You might be using Clever, Active Directory, or some other type of authentication mechanism. Click the “Log in with ____” button to select your authentication.

If you are unsure, then you may need to ask the Technology Director at your district.

Instant Login by Clever - 4Instant Login by Clever - 5








Step 4: Enter Login Information

You will be asked to provide login credentials. This will most likely be the username and password that you use to log in to other applications at your school. The left image below shows an example of logging in to a district that is using Clever to authenticate. The right image below shows an example of Active Directory to authenticate.

Instant Login by Clever - 6Instant Login by Clever - 7







Step 5: Access to Platform

Clever communicates back to that you are authenticated. During this process, you may see one or more progress indicators like the ones shown below.

Instant Login by Clever - 8Instant Login by Clever - 9





Once the login process is complete, you will see the platform.

Instant Login by Clever - 10