Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create accounts for students?

If you have a Teacher account, you can create individual student account by clicking on the Student icon at the top of the screen and then selecting the “Add New Student” icon. If you have a Coordinator account, it is best to add students in bulk, using the User Import Tool.

How do I assign content in Spanish?

You can change the language settings to Spanish when looking at a list of items to assign to a class, and the Spanish version of those items will appear. Just follow these easy steps.

TechLiteracy FAQs

This test has been developed to evaluate student digital literacy proficiency and skills and is informed by the ISTE NETS-S standards. For more information, please click here.

EasyCode Pillars FAQs

EasyCode Pillars is a plug-in that extends the coding curriculum in EasyTech. EasyCode Pillars (powered by Codesters) introduces the Python programming language through a series of structured, scaffolded, interactive lessons. In each self-paced lesson, students are guided through a series of small activities that lead them to three potential exit points. For more information, click here to learn more.