Frequently Asked Questions

Account FAQs 

How do I retrieve my log-in information?
  • For teachers and administrators, you can retrieve your username or reset your password by visiting our Password Reset page. If that is not successful, please reach out to our Customer Support team. Students will need to reach out to their teacher or district for log-in assistance. 
How do I create accounts for students? 
  • If you have a Teacher account, you can create individual student accounts by clicking on the Student icon at the top of the screen and then selecting the “Add New Student” option. It is best to add multiple student accounts in bulk using the User Import Tool if you have a coordinator account.
  • Student accounts can also be added by using one of our rostering solutions, Clever or ClasslinkThese solutions will retrievdata from the district SIS and pass it on to  District Coordinators or district data personal will need to initiate the process. For more information, click here. 
As a parent how do I access my student’s account? 
  • To access the student account from home, go to Then you will enter your student’s username, password, and the district. As you start typing different district options will start to appear and you can select the correct district from those that show. In some cases, districts will have students logging in through a district portal, such as Clever or Canvas. Student will only need the login information specific to that particular login method that can be obtained from their teacher or the district. 

Content FAQs 

How do I make content available to my students?
What content should I assign my students?
  •’s digital literacy solutions cover a large range of topics, so there is certainly a lot to look through! If you are unsure on where to started, our K-8 Scope and Sequence guide is a great place to start. 
How do I assign content in Spanish? 
  • When viewing the Library, curriculum searches can be narrowed to only include content with a full Spanish option.  Just follow these easy steps.  
What content is available in Spanish? 
  • Many items are available in Spanish. Some items are available in full Spanish and other items are available with Spanish subtitles.  A full list of Spanish content and the English equivalent can be found here. 
Is content available in other languages?
  • Not at this time. 

Rostering Solutions FAQs 

Does work with districts Student Information System (SIS)? 
  • SIS Integrations, such as Clever and Classlink are available to all customers, click here to learn more. 
Does offer Single Sign On (SSO) solutions? 
  • supports SSO solutions through Clever and also through LTI for different systems such as ClasslinkCanvas, and Schoology More information can be found here. 

Skills Check FAQs 

What is the purpose of Skills Check Pre and Post Tests? 
  • Skills Checks provide teachers ways to address student skill gaps without prescibing or forcing students to take specific curriculum items. For more information, click here. 
Can Skills Checks be re-opened for students? 
  • Skills Checks can be re-opened for individual students from the dashboard for the assessment. See the “The Assessment Dashboard” section of the ‘Anatomy of a Skills Check’ page for steps to complete this. 
How do I assign curriculum based on the standards identified? 
  • From the assessment dashboard standards are identified as “DLS”. These correlate to the Digital Literacy Skills found in the Library when searching by standard. Follow the path identified on the Skills Check dashboard to find curriculum to fill that skill gap. 

Google Classroom FAQs 

What do I need to know about choosing the platform or Google Classroom? 
How do I sign up to use curriculum with Google classroom? 
  • A member of your district with a District Coordinator role can register by submitting Google domains on their coordinator dashboard using the Google Classroom Integration option.  Find more under Google Classroom FAQ
How do we create teacher and student accounts? 
  • Account creation is not needed to use curriculum with Google classroom. Teachers assign curriculum through the catalog by logging into their district provided Gmail account. Students login to Google classroom using their district provided Gmail account 
Do grades from Google classroom pass back to 
  • Student grades on assignments completed in Google classroom do not pass back to To learn more about which platform is best for you, click here 
Where do I assign curriculum to Google classroom?
  • curriculum is assigned to your Google classroom through the catalogCurriculum cannot be assigned from the Library. 
For more FAQs and information around Google classroom integration, visit our Google classroom Introduction and FAQ page by clicking here. 

Adaptive Keyboarding FAQs 

How do students earn game time in Adaptive Keyboarding? 
  • Students accumulate game time by actively typing in the program.  For information on adjusting settings in Adaptive Keyboardingclick here. 
Can students complete Adaptive Keyboarding? 
  • Adaptive Keyboarding continually builds upon the student’s progress. Students are meant to continually practice in the program, even after they have reached their goals.  
For more FAQs and information around Adaptive Keyboarding, visit our Adaptive Keyboarding FAQ page by clicking here. 

Student Password FAQs 

Can students change their password?
  • Students cannot change their passwords. Student passwords will need to be changed on a district level. 
As a teacher, can I change my students’ passwords? 
  • Teachers can view the passwords of students by searching for the account from the Students tab and clicking the pencil icon. Teachers can also use the Print Login Cards button found in the gradebook of the classroom. As student accounts are owned by the district, changes to student passwords should only be completed by the district.