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Unit NameArchived Curriculum Item NameCurrent Curriculum Item NameCurriculum TypeLow GradeHigh GradeEstimated Completion Time in Minutes
DatabasesDatabase Searches Unit Quiz (Archived 2009)Database Creation, Queries, and Reports Unit QuizQuiz4515
Creating a Database Unit Quiz (Archived 2009)Database Creation, Queries, and Reports Unit QuizQuiz4515
Database Basics Unit Quiz (Archived 2009)Data and Database Basics Unit QuizQuiz3410
Basic Parts and Searches (Archived 2009)Databases: Classifying DataLessonK38
Fields (Archived 2009)Databases: Planning and Building a DatabaseLesson4518
Entering and Editing Data (Archived 2009)Databases: Designing Queries and ReportsLesson4510
Multi-item Sorting (Archived 2009)Databases: Sort and FilterLesson149
Simple Sort (Archived 2009)Databases: Sort and FilterLesson149
OR Searches (Archived 2009)Databases: Performing Searches and Filtering DataLesson1411
AND Searches (Archived 2009)Databases: Performing Searches and Filtering DataLesson1411
Simple Search (Archived 2009)Databases: Performing Searches and Filtering DataLesson1411
Audio/Video (Archived 2015)Databases: Creating and Maintaining a DatabaseLesson6825
Hardware and Software FundamentalsComputer Basics Unit Quiz (Archived 2010)Computer Basics Unit QuizQuiz3515
Desktop (Archived 2009)Software Fundamentals: DesktopLesson1515
Symbols of Technology (Archived 2012)Computer Fundamentals: Symbols of TechnologyLessonK512
Data Storage (Archived 2009)Computer Fundamentals: Data StorageLessonK27
Program Menus and Toolbars (Archived 2010)Software Fundamentals: Using Program Menus and ToolbarsLesson5825
Software, Buttons, and Controls (Archived 2010)Software Fundamentals: Software, Buttons, and ControlsLesson5825
Basic Components (Archived 2009)Hardware Fundamentals: Basic ComponentsLesson5825
Operating Systems and Browsing (Archived 2013)Computer Fundamentals: Operating Systems and BrowsingLesson6825
Computer Fundamentals Unit Quiz (Archived 2010)Computer Fundamentals Unit QuizQuiz6825
Computer Fundamentals Unit Quiz (Archived 2009)Computer Fundamentals Unit QuizQuiz6825
Internet Usage and OnlineSourcing and Ethics (Archived 2015)Internet Usage: Research, Resources, and EthicsLesson2415
Keyword Searches (Archived 2015)Internet Usage: Safe and Effective Online SearchesLesson2415
Basic Components (Archived 2015)Internet Usage: Online Information BasicsLesson2415
Browsing and URLs (Archived 2015)Internet Usage: Browsing and URLsLesson2415
Communicating Online Unit Quiz for Grades 6 to 8 (Archived 2016)Communicating Online Unit QuizQuiz5810
MultimediaDesktop Publishing (Archived 2014)Multimedia: Designing Documents with Desktop PublishingLesson6815
Graphics (Archived 2015)Multimedia: Creating and Enhancing Images and GraphicsLesson6815
Desktop Publishing (Archived 2015)Multimedia: Designing Documents with Desktop PublishingLesson6815
Multimedia and Databases Unit Quiz(Archived 2016)Multimedia Unit QuizQuiz6815
PresentationsEffects and Views (Archived 2015)Presentations: Motion DesignLesson6815
Hyperlinks (Archived 2015)Presentations: Designing Non-Linear PresentationsLesson6815
Presentation Software Unit Quiz (Archived 2016)Presentation Software Unit QuizQuiz6810
Evaluating and Presenting (Archived 2015)Presentations: Evaluating and PresentingLesson359
Lines, Lists, and Structure (Archived 2015)Presentations: Consistency and Visual DesignLesson6815
Audience and Organization (Archived 2015)Presentations: Audience and OrganizationLesson3612
Composing Slides (Archived 2015)Presentations: Composing SlidesLesson3510
Enhancing Slides (Archived 2015) Presentations: Enhancing SlidesLesson358
Elements and Basic Design (Archived 2015)Presentations: Basic Slide Show ElementsLesson6815
SpreadsheetsFunctions, Copy, and Paste (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: FunctionsLesson6815
Formulas (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: FormulasLesson6815
Charts and Graphs (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Analyzing DataLesson6815
Parts and Navigation (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Parts and NavigationLesson6815
Basic Formatting (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Basic FormattingLesson6815
Cell Formatting (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Cell FormattingLesson2512
Parts of a Spreadsheet (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: PartsLesson259
Columns and Rows (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Columns and RowsLesson2510
Multiplying and Dividing (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Using Formulas to Multiply and DivideLesson4512
Tables and Data (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Navigating Cells, Rows, and ColumnsLesson2510
Spreadsheet Software Unit Quiz (Archived 2015)Spreadsheet Software Unit QuizQuiz6815
Line graphs (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Line ChartsLesson258
Adding and Subtracting (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Using Formulas to Add and SubtractLesson4513
Pie Charts (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Pie ChartsLesson2510
Copying Formulas and Functions (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Copying Formulas and FunctionsLesson4510
Bar graphs (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Bar ChartsLesson2511
Word ProcessingTabs, Spacing, and Alignment (Archived 2014)Word Processing: Flyer Print DesignLesson6815
Margins and Layout (Archived 2014)Word Processing: Visual DesignLesson6815
Page Layout (Archived 2014)Word Processing: Page LayoutLesson3510
Layout (Archived 2015)Spreadsheets: Sharing and FilteringLesson3510
Creating and Organizing Content (Archived 2014)Word Processing: Creating and Organizing ContentLesson3511
Revising and Formatting (Archived 2014)Word Processing: Revising and FormattingLesson3510
Proofreading and Editing (Archived 2014)Word Processing: Editing and Proofreading Your WorkLesson3515
Spelling and Grammar Tools (Archived 2014)Word Processing: Creating Professional DocumentsLesson6815
Creating Documents (Archived 2014)Word Processing: Basic Document CreationLesson1312
Formatting Text (Archived 2014)Word Processing: Formatting TextLesson1315
Basic Operations (Archived 2014)Word Processing: Overview of Basic SkillsLesson6815
Basic Operations(Archived 2012)Word Processing: Overview of Basic SkillsLesson6815
Word Processing Middle Grades Unit Quiz (Archived 2016)Word Processing Middle Grades Unit QuizQuiz6815
N/ABasic HTML Unit Quiz (Archived 2015)N/AQuiz
Image Tags (Archived 2015)N/ALesson
Anchor Tags (Archived 2015)N/ALesson
Font Color and Size (Archived 2015)N/ALesson
Attributes (Archived 2015)N/ALesson
Tag Basics (Archived 2015)N/ALesson
HTML and Body Tags (Archived 2015)N/ALesson