EasyTech Curriculum

Anatomy of EasyTech Quizzes

EasyTech Quizzes were created for students to test their knowledge of technology concepts and reinforce core curriculum skills.

EasyTech Quizzes begin with an introduction to the Quiz interface.


The questions may be in True/False, Multiple Choice, or Matching format. Students can use the navigation arrows or the slide icons at the bottom of the Quiz to look forward or review answers.


After answering the last question, the student clicks the ‘Submit’ button to turn in the Quiz.


Upon submitting the Quiz, the student will see his or her score. Students will have the opportunity to review their answers and see which questions they missed. This is the only opportunity to see specific incorrectly answered questions in EasyTech Quizzes. This information is not saved in the gradebook.


Students can view their answers and see the correct responses to whichever questions they missed.


To return to the Quiz End page, the student needs only to click the orange ‘Report’ button. This replaces the ‘Submit’ button, as the Quiz has already been submitted.