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Tips for Starting with Students

Before the first day

Before you get your students started in Intro to Codesters, complete the following steps:

❏ Complete the first lesson in Student Mode.
❏ Access the Toolkit video.
❏ Have a ”Come together” signal that you’ve practiced for when you need to call your group to attention.

Your first day of instruction

We have lots of tools to share that will help you get your first day started smoothly! Even if you’ve never taught coding before, you can still help your students when they run into problems. Here are some things to do when your students have questions:

  • Use the Teacher Debugging Guide to help your students work through confusion.
  • Share the basic lesson structure with your students so that they know what to expect.

Example → Instructional Activities → Extend/Create

The auto-feedback for each activity is based on the given instructions. Students should follow those instructions to get green checks in activity feedback and on the progress track.

  • Encourage students review any point where there are red exclamation points on the progress track. Codesters Student Review
  • Codesters Reset ButtonIf you think a student should start over on an activity, use the reset button in the lower right side of the editor. This will pull through the code from the previous activity so your students can start over.
  • After you’ve worked through these tips, if your student continues to experience difficulty, have them use the support button to contact our Codesters Support Button support team. You can find it in the lower left corner of any screen. This emails the student code, activity information, and important session data to you and to our support team. Be sure to include a description of the problem in the body of the support email. We will investigate the problem as soon as possible.

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