EasyCode Pillars

EasyCode Pillars Student Debugging Checklist

A bug is an error in your code that stops the program from working or makes the program work incorrectly. Debugging is the process of finding and fixing the bug!

If there is an error message:

❑ Read the message:
❑ What is the line number? ______________
❑ What does the message say is wrong?

❑ Find the line number and use clues from the message to fix it.
❑ Hit the run button to see if you fixed it.
❑ If you get an error message, try again.

If the program isn’t working correctly:

❑ What is not working?

❑ Find the code related to the part that is not working and check:

❑ Is everything spelled correctly?
❑ Is the capitalization correct? (Most words in python are lower-case.)
❑ Is a quote or parenthesis missing? (They always come in pairs.)
❑ Are the colors of your words, numbers, and variables correct?
❑ Are all your commands in the right order?
❑ Did you name your object (sprites and shapes)?
❑ Did you use the correct sprite’s name in your commands?
❑ Is it indented correctly?
❑ If you still can’t find the bug, click the reset button Codesters_StudentDebuggingChecklist_reset_button

Note: This will reset the default code so you can start fresh. You will still have all your work from past activities, but you will lose the code from this page.